Utah bound…

Oh what a day!! Leaving Williams and heading toward Cedar city, Utah. We’ll 1st we ended up leaving an hour later, it took us 5-6 tries to get the car loaded on the tow dolly. So finally we were off towards Utah. We’ll kaboom! 20 miles west of Flagstaff we got a flat tire on the tow dolly. Thank goodness for having a spare tire. Called a towing company from Flagstaff to have it changed. Johnson’s heavy towing is who we used they were wonderful, professional and efficient. An hour later we were back on the road.

Finally on our way!! We took rte. 89 north of Flagstaff.

Snow on the top of the mountain
Miles and miles of prairie
The colors are gorgeous!
Formations are so unique
Amazing beauty
Vermillion cliffs
HUGE Boulders
The size of these cliffs make you feel so small
Scenery change
Results of Arizona forest fire
Miles of burned forest

Finally crossed the state line, followed rte. 89 only to find out that there was some construction that won’t allow trucks through, roads were very narrow and it was 10,000 feet above sea level. So we felt uneasy so we turned around and went back 40 miles and took rte. 389 which turned out great.

Geodome house
Almost there, so enjoy the sunset
Downtown Cedar city

Well we are only 1 mile from the KOA campground and it’s almost 10 pm. We usually like to arrive around 4-5 pm the latest but as David would say rving is like ” jello, baby”. Good night and no alarm tomorrow morning!!!

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