Thursday 5/20 and Friday 5/21….what did you do today?

Thursday has definitely a down day after we traveled 12 hours in the RV. We slept till 8:30 and took a nap early afternoon for several hours. I woke up after about half an hour. The RV shook from the high winds today. We treated ourselves to Chinese food even had it delivered. Chillin the rest of the day.

David noticed a little hot dog hut across the street. Also they sell ice cream in the store that’s in the office area. So I went and got a couple of hot dogs for dinner then a dish of ice cream for later. The wind is so crazy it will shake the RV. We were amused cause a small RV next to us has New Hampshire plates on it. Hmm I’ll have to talk to them later.

I think between the 12 hour driving day and the altitude we are slow today,Friday. The wind is also 45 mph with 65 mph gust and yes it is blowing crazy. We did go to Walmart for grocery shopping, now we are good for 2-3 weeks. Most our day was just chillin. With all the wind pollen is kicking our butt with stuffyness, sneezy and runny nose.

Well my husband out did himself!!!❤It was cool today with a high of 62 degrees. So he has been cold for 2 days. This afternoon he made one of my favorite soups, Italian sausage soup….yummy!!! It was so good especially with the mozzarella on top and fresh Italian bread.

Italian sausage soup with rice,sausage and spinach. Delicious!!

The rest of the night we watched Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Real exciting couple…

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