Sunday. . Exploring

With only 2 days left here in Cedar city we decided to go out for breakfast then exploring. We went to Amber Kay’s Cafe. David had a 3 egg cheese Philly omelet and I had eggs Benedict. Both were delicious! This restaurant is a local gem!!

Cedar city

After we decided to go and check out dinosaur fossil footprints. On our way to Parowan gap.

These mountains are more gray and black

We came upon the location where the dinosaur fossil footprints are in the stones. They had markers where the footprints are but I still had a hard time seeing them… hmmm.

Lower field
Rock formations
Markers among the stones!
?? Fossil footprints??
Another fossil but I don’t see it 😪
On the way to Parowan gap to see the petroglyphs
OMG get your finger off the lens!!
Thousands of years old
Lizard sunning!☀️
Some are faded, right lower corner
Surrounding scenery

It was outstanding to be able to see the drawings that were created thousands of years ago. It really makes you contemplate on life today and years ago.

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