Moving on … Salt Lake city

Today we started out with delicious donuts from Donutville here in Cedar city. Then we watched The Hunt for Red October. Lastly we got ready for tomorrow’s departure.

Donutville donuts…yummy!
Still a good movie

Last night when I went to get a couple of movies. The front desk attendant gave me a couple of koozies.

From Geico…lol

OK today’s chuckle….. we got up and started to get everything ready to leave for Salt Lake city. So about an hour into the drive I asked what the date was, David said June 1st. We’ll I started laughing, he asked what was so funny? I said we were suppose to stay in Cedar city till June 2. 🤣 So now I have to call Salt Lake city koa to see if they have room for us coming a day earlier. Luckily they did …. phew!

Scenery on the way to Salt Lake city
A lot of cattle farms
A lot more green on the mountains
A beautiful lake at the bottom of the mountains
Snow capped mountains
??? Church or government building???
Part of the local aquarium

Well we finally arrived and got settled. We had dinner from a little Mexican restaurant that was right on the KOA property. It was a delicious surprise. Tomorrow a trip to the Great Salt Lake.

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