Day 1 Great Salt Lake

On the way to Great Salt Lake
Concert venue
Across the street
1st sight of the Great Salt Lake
Map of lake
Antelope Island
2002 Olympics (shadow included)
On the observation deck
Lava rocks
On out skirts of lake
Regular rock next to Lava rock
A happy camper ❀
Headed into the city
Rice- Eccles Stadium
Front of stadium
Torch for 2002 Olympics

After we saw the Olympic torch we went to lunch at Chuck – A – Rama and then rode around looking at some of the buildings. Finally back to the campground and a well deserved nap! Zzzzzz

Came across a PRIDE festival all set up and ready to go June 1st through the 7th.

So after our nap we chilled for awhile then went swimming. We used the hot tub for awhile too…..ahhhhhh!

A large pool!
Temperature today 90
Hot tub

I have to say I am truly enjoying this retirement lifestyle. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, it always an adventure! πŸš™

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  1. That last line, “I’m truly enjoying… That say’s it all. So happy for you both! πŸ˜€β€πŸŒž


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