Day 2 SLC…tabernacle

Today I woke up really early today, 6 am. Had coffee then planned our route home. Phew…done! We should be arriving home around July 8th mid to late afternoon. Off we went to the Tabernacle for the noon organ rehearsal. Bumped into 2 young ladies that were doing missionary work for the church. They informed us that since Covid everything related to the Tabernacle has been closed. Just a little disappointing. We did get to peek through the windows and saw the huge pipe organ.

The buildings around the city are fascinating.

Ribbon like metal overlooks the road
Statute at the creek city mall in Temple Square
One of the water fountain at the mall
Administrative offices of the church
Building next to the Tabernacle
Renovations on the Tabernacle
The gardens are beautiful
Looking down the street
Assembly Hall
Side of Assembly Hall
A picture of the inside where the pipe organ is housed.
On the way back to the car
Stream right in middle of the mall
Trolley cars
Trinity Greek Orthodox church

On our way for lunch. We decided to have some Lebanese food.

Biker statutes are all over the city
Appetizer plate, beet dip, muhammara, and baba ghannouj

Lamb meatballs and falafel with herb sauce
Afternoon cocktail with lunch, red Lebanese wine

It was another wonderful day adventuring. Oh I almost forgot while we were at the mall David got his glasses fix and while he did that I went to the chocolate store!!

Holy Pecan Caramel Apple!!!

I am so lucky to be on this adventure!!

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