Last day at Salt Lake City

It was a on and off again debate today about going to the 2002 Olympic Park. Well about 11 am we finally decided to go. Hi ho off to the Olympics we go.

On the way to the village
Entrance to Olympic Park
2002 Olympic logo
Entrance to Olympic museum
Just hanging around…lol
Through the years
Downhill and cross country skiers
Ski jumps
Landing pool
They get soaked before jumping
Getting ready to jump
Video ski jump

So after watching the future Olympians, we went over to the bobsled. David wanted to try it. Ahhhh

On display bobsled
David read to go
Here he comes!!
Bronze medal it is !!

Time for lunch…..yummy

Leaving the Olympic Park

We found a bar, the Red Rock Brewery.

Appetizer Calamari
Roasted cauliflower….spicy 🔥
On the way to look at RVs

After we took a ride to General RV to look at some RVs. They said that inventory is low. Wow they were right they only had 2 new class A and NO used Class A. Disappointing 😪

It was pretty laid back after we got home. We chilled and had KFC for dinner. Tomorrow we head to Idaho. Zzzzzz sweet dreams 🛏😴

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