Montana…Yellowstone National Park

Two straight days of driving really did me in so today we are taking a rest day off from traveling. We did go grocery shopping and picked up propane for the grill.

Atmosphere is clearer today
Such beauty
Mountains of Christmas trees

Up bright and early to go Yellowstone national park! Lunches made, snacks and water packed. Peanut all squared away. Let’s GO!!!

Headed into the mountains
I love the farm houses on the prairie
Beauty in rolls of hay stacked
Snow capped mountains
Yellowstone river
Hiding the sign 😪
Arch at beginning of the park
Even on hot grounds flowers flourish
Waterfalls at Golden gate
A dragon fly visit
Steam coming from the ground
A lot of dead vegetation
Boiling water
Monument geyser basin
Beautiful hot (175+ degrees) pools
Resting bison
Old Faithful starting
Spouting off
Leaving Yellowstone Park
A final goodbye ❤

It was a wonderful day. Long 8 hour day though. Saw some beautiful scenery and unique sights. The roads are windy and the speed limit in many sections is 35 mph. So if you visit you might break up the visiting over several days.

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