Fish n’ Fry 🎣 South Dakota

Well the morning started with a soft tire on the dolly. The left side, it was the right side that blew a couple of weeks ago. So we went to Big Horn tire and they said the tire was just a little low on air. So now at 10 am we are finally on the rode. South Dakota is a short trip today at 172 miles.

On the road again 🎵🎵
Robert Redford are you there?
Interesting 😁
Welcome to the Blackhills
A new farm house
Starting to come into the town
Big water park
We arrived!!!
Fishing anyone??
Trout pond
Here we go….fishing for supper 😁
Got ya!
Kiss the fish…lol
Fried trout in cornmeal!! Yummy!
David had fried chicken
On the way back to the RV….tranquil

It was really great to see Kevin and Marie again. Boy do they work hard here..phew they don’t stop. Marie cooked our dinners to perfection, the trout was really awesome, delicious.

We finally got settled in and actually went to bed early for us, 9 – 9:30 pm. Zzzzzz

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