Wild Bill Days

Thursday was a mixed day. We chilled for most of the day but we also started to do the transferring of our plates to South Dakota.

Friday the South Dakota registration continues. We turned in the papers and we needed to fill out more papers. So they are going to fax DMVs to get titles and verification. I did the 2nd batch of papers and will return them on Monday.

Most of the day and evening we chilled.

Today Saturday we sat around till about 1pm then we parked the car at the visitors information center. We needed to get some ones $,so we walked across the street to Chubby Chipmunk, Chocolate candy store.

Inside of store
Yummy chocolates!

Took the trolley into Deadwood. There was a lot going on. We started by watching the dogs jump into a pool, to see which dog could jump the farthest.

Old fashion trolley
Big screens streaming live performances
Western characters walking around Deadwood
Break time
Spinach dip! Yummy!

We had dinner at the Silverado. It was great, prime rib, crab legs, mussels, shrimp, crayfish and all the other usual foods on a buffet. Dessert lemon meringue pie put a sweet end to dinner.

After dinner we went to the Distillery and bought cinnamon whiskey and apple pie moonshine. (There is always a leak somewhere, For friends of mine) Now back on the trolley and headed home.

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