Close Encounters of the Third Kind….part 1

Monday we chilled some of the day and around 11 am we finally got all the paperwork in for our plates. We also stopped at Hickok for a pizza. We haven’t had pizza in over a month, it was really awesome! I indulged and took a nap this afternoon. Tomorrow we decided to go to the Devils Tower or to 76 museum, Adams House and the cemetery. Who knows the adventure until the morning???

Beautiful abandoned house
Adams House
Rodeo stands
Pens for the steers

Statute of gold panning

Today, Tuesday the 22nd I made lunches and snacks and off we go to Devils Tower, WY.

S S S in the road
Entrance to the ranch
In the distance
Teepee campground
Getting closer 😁
Red cliffs
Beautiful horses 🐴
Almost at the entrance
Tourist today!!
Trying something new….yummy!
Entrance to the Monument
I love the red cliffs
Overwhelmingly beautiful
Hubby at the base of the tower
Me 😁
Different view of the tower

We are leaving the park and headed back to Deadwood via Spearfish canyon. Check out part two!

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