Travel day to Hermosa SD

David went grocery shopping this am while I got the rig ready to go. We finally left around 12 noon. I want to thank Kevin and Marie for having us visit fish ‘n fry. We had a wonderful time visiting them and the area around town. We are on our way to Heartland rv park in Hermosa for our Fantasy tour of the Black Hills and Badlands.

Couldn’t resist this picture 🤣
Easy Glider
Beautiful lake
The lake was huge!
Unique bridge
OMG Are we going to make it through?
High rock walls
Cattle everywhere
Such green scenery
S highways
Dairy farm
We arrived
Introduction social gathering
Part of the group of 49
From New York
Kathy in blue, the tail gunner

Word has it that the rain is on its way. So we broke up a little early. David brought the chairs home and I went next door and ordered a thin crust pizza with everything on it. I couldn’t believe it but it was only $12! It was pouring when I came out and there was my sweet husband with a ride back to the Rig! Also there was a wine tasting going on but we opt out since we hadn’t eaten all day.

Tomorrow there is coffee and pastries from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Then we meet again at 2:30 pm social gathering and orientation. 4:45 pm bus to Keystone for dinner then Mount Rushmore.

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  1. You are going to love Mount Rushmore !! It was truly amazing. This stage of your trip is reminding me of the time when my family went to the Grand Tetons and saw these sites as well. My absolute favorite was Devil’s Tower which you just saw. It looks like so much fun !!


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