Last tour day…

Another busy day 1st on our way to the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD.

Rolls of hay for the livestock
Herd of cattle
Excavation hole
Watching a volunteer digging and cleaning the site looking for more skeleton remains
A large bone
Flat nose bear
Flat nose bear skeleton
Bones from numerous animals
More volunteers
A Wooley Mammoth skeleton
A full skull
Cleaning smaller fossils

Next is lunch at Woolly’s restaurant.

Dana, one of the sweetest persons I have met ❤
A great salad for lunch!

Onward to Bear Country 🐻

Land destroyed by fire and bugs
Someone is tired after lunch….❤
Coming up on Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse silhouette
Helicopter taking off
Art sculpture
Bear carving
Smokey the bear

We have arrive… stay part 2 coming up….

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