Heading home to NH.

A good bye breakfast

Today we said goodbye to everyone. We are leaving in the morning. So today, David is going to do laundry while I clean up the rig and get it ready to leave in the morning.

Last dinner…cheers
Pretty decorated chairs
3 Presidents
John F. Kennedy
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush

Friday July 2 we are headed home! ❤😁

Grain silos
Wall Drug water tower
Missouri River
Dignity Statute

Well we drove 360 miles today… it did take quite a while, 9.5 hours to be exact. We did stop for gas, lunch and an awning that the wind started to open. We stopped and secured the awning. Phew no further issues. Oh we did keep hearing a funny thump from the roof, well come to find out our computers were tapping a wooden plaque in one of the overheads.

We finally got to the Sioux falls campgrounds and got settled. Thank goodness for leftovers cause both of us didn’t really want to cook. So a late dinner and TV. It won’t be a late night cause we need to start out early tomorrow. We will be traveling 340 miles tomorrow going to Oakdale, WI. Only 6 more travel days and we will be home…..yeah!!!❤

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