July 3rd…Oakdale WI

Today it was 345 miles but things went better so we made good time. Not many pictures due to a lot of farm land. We didn’t stop in Minnesota we just drove through to Wisconsin. Staying in Wisconsin for the night.

Wind power
Lots and lots of corn fields
More corn!🌽
More farms
Bye Minnesota
Mississippi River
Hello Wisconsin 😁

Tomorrow we will be on our way to Indiana, another 360 mile ride. But we are one day closer in getting home!!

Large water park
Wisconsin corn fields
Hormel factory
Hello Illinois
Rose on water tower
Salt storage
Headed into Chicago
Chicago skyline
A long the way
Flame statute
Pretty billboard but oops through screen
A state closer to home
🎡 Gary, Indiana 🎡
Thousands of RVs in Elkhart!

A very long day 8.5 hours to get here or it was 350 miles. We got settled and just relaxed the rest of the evening. Oh we are now on EST!

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