A new week…..

A new haircut

Tuesday we started to take care of Evelyn so we planned a fun day. Surprises and movies. Oh yes, a new jacket ❤

New jacket
Seeing Jungle Cruise
1st 3D movie!!
Soda or lemonade?
Butter layered popcorn….yummy!
Cool ride!!

My mother went out to eat with her sister so we had date night…❤ Startets at Fratello’s restaurant. Then Martha’s exchange for a sandwich.

Merlot and Tanqueray orange.
Stuffed mushrooms
7&7, Tanqueray and tonic
1/2 Thanksgiving sandwich and fries
Happy Birthday Katie 🥳

Babysat then date night…Yahoo!!

Decorating Mem
Playing dolls

Off to Lawrence, MA for the drum and bugle show. We ate at a Lebanese restaurant, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, lamb and rice…yummy

Corp bus in street
Field waiting….
Sunset faint rainbow
Faint rainbow
National Anthem

Pictures of the different corps. Great fun and shows!

A good week. …..

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