Pod craziness week

It has been a crazy week. The pod was delivered and in 2 day we separated what is being sold in a yard sale, and what we are keeping and being put into another storage unit. Original pod was 8 X 12 and we are downsizing again to a 5 X 10. At times it was hard, like I saved every card anyone gave me for 40 years. Throwing them away was like throwing a sentiment piece of me away too. Downsizing from the original Downsizing was just plain hard!

Entertainment while working….lol

Well the pod is just about cleared and we still have a few more things to put in the storage unit and give things to the good will.

During the weekend we had a dinner with the whole family and friends. Wyatt was visiting from Wyoming so we had to make sure he had his New England lobsta!🦞

Small celebration of being done! Florentine eggs Benedict…yummy!

It took us a week to get everything done. Pod gone! New unit packed! Dump run done! Ori’s things delivered! Now to start working in the RV….phew.

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