Finishing in the RV…

We are all cleaned up from the pod. We had few errands to run and came across some wild turkeys.

Poor bird he has a broken foot
Quite a flock!

Sunday we headed out to Newfield, NH to meet up with David’s brother and Lynn his wife. We are staying at the Great Bay campground. We were just chillin before dinner!


Wednesday Lynn and I took a “girls ” day! Mani/pedis, lunch and some shopping. Back home it was chocolatinis!!šŸø

Lunch at the River house
Afternoon cocktails
Fish tacos
Chicken walnut and Cranberry wrap
Lunch on the water
Absolutely beautiful day!
Hmm company for lunch
Afternoon cocktails…..yummy

Chicken Alfredo and cards for the evening. It was such a fun time and a great Day! Thanks Lynn!! ā¤

Today is our 37th Anniversary ā¤šŸŽ‰šŸ’’ Wonder what adventuring we will do today? šŸ˜

Today was low keyed, we went to the Lindt outlet and bought some truffles. We also stopped at the bakery, bought a blueberry pie for tonight’s dessert. Finally we picked up some corn on the cob.

We started by having Jim and Lynn over for appetizers. Dinner was awesome campers potatoes, fresh tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad, a delicious porterhouse steaks with mushrooms and onions.

Friday is bitter sweet…we have had such a wonderful week visiting but it’s coming to an end. We will be heading to Seth’s house next! The adventure continues….šŸ˜

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