Yuma, Az…another chapter

My beautiful and wonderful granddaughters ❤
We’ve arrived!
Kitchen and crew
Getting the steamers ready!
Right half of recreation room
Left side of hall

Back at home the kids are doing gingerbread houses! So much fun ❤

It’s beginning to look like Christmas🎄
Hi everyone ❤

Christmas starting down in Yuma too!

Holiday pedicure!
It’s a wonderful life!

Today we went out and about exploring. The city’s population is about 96,500 people. Area wise it’s 5,500 square miles. Made up of a core of downtown and farmland. We still have a few things left to do like cover the tires, and wipers. Finally put up the Christmas decorations 🎄

Lemons….pucker power!

Stopped for late lunch or early dinner. We tried out Saigon Pho, delicious!! I had chicken pho, David had a combination dish with chicken, shrimp and beef with these flat noodles…yummy! We shared spring rolls with peanut sauce.

David saw this in the sky???

Space ship? Nope a American flag!

Ahhhhhh more misadventure 😂

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