New adventures! January 2022…..

The week after New Year was quiet. Actually there was alot of coughing! Both of us came down with bronchitis. So there is not to much to report. Matter of fact I felt so bad I didn’t work one day and we made a trip to Mexico for some antibiotics and inhalers. We are on the mend 😊


This week was date day. We started by going to see the new remake of West Side story. I’m not a big fan of this movie but liked and enjoyed this remake. Would recommend it!! After I have been craving wings so off we went to Buffalo Wild wings, next door to the theater.


David has been working a lot lately in anticipation of going to Alaska and making the trip home. I’ve been taking care of the cleaning of the Rig or cooking. It’s really been pretty slow. I did get a surprise the other day.

Beautiful lilies ❤
Ultralight flying outside rig
Homemade eggs Benedict…yummy!

Date day…dinner at Famous Dave’s for bar-b-que!

Very quiet week but relaxing ❤

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