Soooo quiet…

My lilies are lasting soooo long ❤

Decided to checkout a restaurant we have not been to, Wheezys grill and sports bar. We were lucky to make happy hour, $5 – 6 drinks. Had a Whiskey grapefruit sour, yummy!! David had a margarita so on to an appetizers. We had a sampler plate, it was so huge!

Potato skins, onion rings, boneless wings and green beans

It really has been very quiet lately. Pretty much daily routines. Working and chillin that’s about it. On February 2nd we had 40 mph winds, the RV was swaying! The RV next to us flag pole was really bending, eventually the pole snapped in half. Also another neighbor’s screen house kept going up and down till they finally took it down. Ok yes this was amusing! I told you it’s been quiet…lol

Looking forward to the Red Sox opening day!!

We are still in Yuma AZ and working in the kitchen. Have a great day, till the next post!

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