Last week…..

Wedding this weekend

Sunday was Greek Orthodox Easter. Back in New England, the extended family hosted a wonderful day. Lamb was cooked by my 2 sons, Seth and Adam. 🐰🐑

Prepping the lamb
Let the cooking begin.
Making tiganites.. yummy
Cooking the tiganites
Best way to eat them with feta!!
Seth the cook
The cook, butcher cutting up the lamb….
A wonderful son, Adam and his beautiful wife, Laura…
The best…Family ❤️

More on the pre wedding set up! Looking so beautiful!

Haircut done!
Pedicure done!
Manicure done!

Our time is coming to a end here in Yuma AZ. Thursday we cleaned all the outdoor rugs and furniture and sun dried everything…lol. Friday we’ll put everything away. Saturday secure everything. Sunday help out with last minute errands. Wedding at 3pm. I’ll get to dance with my pizzaman..❤️❤️❤️ Monday we are off to Las Vegas 🎊🥳

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