Flying to Seattle…

Phew!! What a long day….we were up and ready for the shuttle at 5:45 am. 6:00 am the shuttle came to transfer us to airport. We were in line to check our luggage in when they said we were 7 lbs over and so that is a $100. I now am on the floor with 2 suitcases rearranging the clean and dirty clothes, shoes, photo albums, pills and any thing else that will all give us the desired weight. That took 20 to 25 minutes. Good thi g we left early. Now back into line 15 minutes and next of course security 1 hour it is now a little after 8 am.

Now all I want is a cup of coffee. So we stop at this Cafe at the airport only to find out it’s Vegan. We have a cinnamon roll and 2-3 cups of coffee. Off we flew right on time. The plane was completely full, I sat in row 23 and David sat in row 25 thank goodness it was smooth, short flight.

On the way to the airport
Airport Tower
Ted Steven Anchorage international Airport

The flight went pretty well with just very slight tuberlence. Next we went to get the rv. Yeah everything was in its right place. We cooled the inside and off we went to Sam’s town rv park for the night. We were going the next morning but I didn’t feel up to par with a summer cold. So we decided to stay an extra 2 nights. Good thing for David didn’t feel up for it either. Well it’s Saturday and both of us are going to bed early to get an early start in the morning.

Back at home Evelyn and Adam go to their 1st Father and Daughter dance.

My loves šŸ’•

Tomorrow we are leaving for New Hampshire.

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