Leaving Colorado and headed to Kansas

Today was our longest drive so far, 343 miles. I am so tired and really need a few days for down time. Unfortunately I forgot this weekend Memorial weekend and I’m aging a hard time finding a place to stay. Grrrr! Tomorrow is a 299 mile trek and we do have reservations. Phew 😊

Scenery… farms!
Yeah… Kansas!
Make a wish πŸ’•
Clouds looking like rain
Raining on the way πŸ˜ͺ

The last hour of the long, long 434 mile drive it rained. I didn’t take many pictures today cause I spent most of the ride looking for a place to stay in or near Louisville, Kentucky. 😭 no luck…

Tonight we are staying at the Salina KOA and have changed the zone time…central time. It is raining and sound awesome on the roof…. zzzz.


  1. We must’ve passed each other. We went through Kansas to Colorado. If you aren’t past Ellis, KS there is a Municipal RV park there that is really nice. There was only 2 RVers there when we were there last week.


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