Saturday Jim Beam tour🍷

We wanted to go to Jim Beam, I checked out the website. I found out I needed reservations so I suggested we go anyway and maybe someone canceled or they save some for the general public. There was 1 space at 1pm so I mentioned this and the ticket man said he will fit us in. Yeah!!

One of the original buildings on the property
Black buildings hold all the barrels of bourbon
Tour and store
Tour bus
Statute of the founder Jacob Beam
Another statute
Inside the store
Different flavors
Our tour guide
Replica of Jacob beam’s car
Grain for mash
Mash vats
Low wine – high wine stages of Distillery
Barrels being scored
Flight of bourbon
End of tour… an old Fashion

Coming back we stopped at a Mexican restaurant, late lunch/ early dinner. Yummy either way!

Salute ❤️

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