Week 2…. Sunday 6/12

David has been working and I’ve been helping out my Mom. All kinds of animals going around the yard, birds, rabbits, fox and ground hogs! Oh my! … lol

Ms. Cardinal
Peter cotton tail
Yard work pulling weeds
Cutting back ferns

Tuesday was a chaotic morning due to my own fault. I’ve been having dizzy episodes and am going to start physical therapy. So I headed to the appointment for 11:30 am when I realized that my appointment was next Tuesday. SMH A very nice thing happened next my mother asked me to lunch. We finished the afternoon off visiting my niece and her 3 handsome boys!

Lunch with Mom
Easton 2 years old
Ryker 4 years old
My niece Amanda and the boys
My sister and the boys Memere
Complete joy❤️

Wednesday was date day ❤️ We started at the beach 🌞 then seafood lunch at Markeys. Mid afternoon we went to see Top Gun , I really liked it! We finished the day by having dinner with our son and his family.

Baywatch of Hampton Beach
Life guard watching….🤣



We finished up the day having dinner with my son Seth and his family….a great day ❤️Week 2 to continue next post….

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