Week 3….4

Unfortunately real life does come into the picture of RV traveling. Father’s day was a down day for me, I had to prep for testing on Monday. Rough day. Tuesday I had my 1st physical therapy session for my dizziness. The manipulation was intense and made me sensitive so I was stiff and achy. Wednesday I slept most of the day. David went to Nolan’s all star game.

My week continued with being sick, bronchitis and something viral. I mainly rested, slept and took it easy. Put on more medication. A cold sore on my lip appeared I just am not getting a break. Ahhhhhh!!!

Tuesday we took my Mother to the beach for the day. It was a good time!! Also met my granddaughter at the beach too!

New swimsuit for summer a must!
On the way to the beach
High tide
Afternoon cocktails 🍷
Lunch at the Sea Ketch

It was a great time!!

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