More fun….

Sculpture around a Goffstown NH park

I went to a meat raffle this weekend. Nope, I didn’t win, but my daughter-in-law did haddock and stuff clam shells.

Sunday was girls’ day out! There were 4 of us, my daughter-in-law, and her mom, my granddaughter, and me. First,we went to lunch at the Firefly restaurant. Then, we were treated to a play, The Little Mermaid. Cute ❤️

Murals on the way to the theater.

A wonderful day!

Rving isn’t always fun. I will need to have surgery. This is scary and stressful. It has delayed our trip to Florida by 6 weeks. The cold weather here in New England is also concerning. Hopefully, it won’t go below 32 degrees.

Beautiful flowers from my awesome daughter in law
Beautiful foliage
Mountain rd Goffstown NH

I’m doing some updates on our little kitchen area.

One small area to finish

Catch up later… October 13th, no, it’s not a Friday 😊

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