We’re here in Florida

The first day was interesting for Peanut’s left eye, wouldn’t open. So we were looking for a vet to see him. They have urgent care for animals here, too. So we didn’t have to go to an emergency vet. Phew! He had an ulceration on his cornea. Antibiotics and a gel were ordered as well as the cone of shame.

Poor Peanut

We spent the next few days just getting settled. Cleaning and arranging things to our liking. Well, 2 days later, a threatening hurricane was coming. Rain was moderate, but the wind was frightening to me. We brought our living room slide in, and I prayed to just be OK in the morning. We had trouble pulling in our big side awning, so we had to call a repair person. Come to find out the motor died! Grrrr. So now the decision is to fix or replace the awning. Hmmm.

We did alright even though I didn’t sleep well. It rained the next 2 days, getting lighter each day. David was getting a little cabin fever, so he put out the patio furniture! It looks great!

Thursday, we had to have Peanut rechecked, and the ulceration is getting better, although his eye sight seems worse. They recommend seeing a specialist????

Finally, by Saturday, we both needed a little fun time. There was an RV show in Daytona, but I didn’t think I would be able to last a few hours or go up and downstairs, especially since my surgery. So, we decided to stay closer and go to Disney Springs. That way, we could leave when we wanted to and be home quicker.

It was so much fun and, of course, beautifully decorated. I was excited to go!!

A restaurant burgers and drinks
1st time at an M & M store!

One of the most beautiful sights was all the Christmas trees ğŸŽ„ Each tree was decorated after a Disney movie.

The princess and the frog
Star wars

We took a little break and had a drink at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant. We also had a delicious sausage pizza…yummy.

Our usual! 😊

We continued walking around for a while, had an ice cream, went home, and took a nap!

So pretty ❤️

A GREAT a day!

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