Getting settled….

Sunday, I rested from all the walking we did the day before. Monday, I worked on my grocery list that will be delivered on Wednesday. Tuesday We finally got to the post office to change our address. I also got my flu shot today. Later I’ll go to play cards at the club house.

Finished, the peel and stick tiles

David cleaned and organized the shed. He found this decorative hanging piece. He moved it to the outside to make the shed look good.

Patio all setup
No more laundromat!!! Yeah!!!
Salamander or newt?? They are everywhere!

I tried out our 1st sit-down dinner on date night at Goombas. We thought everything was great. Check my Google review.

Beer on tap goes with wings and pizza
House dipping sauce to die for!!
Rolls with light garlic and parmesan
Awesome pizza with awesome crust

So much to around here. It’s hard to choose what to do first….😊

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