What are you doing?

Flock of ibis
Full moon … beautiful!
Renovating the bathroom
Needs a little clean-up
Coming along
King cake!! Who has the baby?

Valentine’s Day was a great day! We did some errands in the morning. Next was lunch at a Cuban restaurant, then a new sewing machine!!!!

Sangria to start
Chicken Empandas
Cuban nachos with plantains
I’m so excited to get quilting again ❤️

One of the errands was that I needed to have a heart monitor put on for a month. The Tuesday before, I ended up in the hospital with a heart rate of 122 and in a trigeminy. I would have 2 regular beats and then a pre ventricle beat. They feel it was probably my thyroid medicine is off, and I’m getting too much. Well, I’ll keep you all updated 😍❤️👍

Little wireless monitor
Wireless transmitter

Have a great day!! Date days ended at Applebee’s with a sampler and margaritas.


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