More misadventures ☺️

St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans…..


Tried my hand at empanada… It’s not too bad.

Pork and veggies

David’s birthday ended being a 3 day celebration of him!! Thursday, we went to a new local pub, Barrels and Boards. It happened they we were playing trivia that night, so we stayed. We had a couple of drinks and charcuterie boards, one with fish dip and one with different cheesecake meats. All yummy!!🍸🍹

We celebrated David’s birthday on Friday cause he was working on Saturday, Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen. Incredible!!

Krewe of Endymon
Happy hour hurricanes
Green fried tomatoes and alligator bites

I guess we were hungry cause I didn’t take any more pictures….silly. David had fried oysters and jambalaya. I had shrimp with cheese grits. It was all delicious.

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