On the mend…😍

It has been quite a month! I ended back in the hospital again πŸ˜₯ This time, it was a little more serious. I had a 6-second pause where my heart did beat at all, and there were 16 beats of ventricle tachycardia. Phew, I was pretty scared. They talked about putting in a pacemaker, I wasn’t happy about that, and then they took me off my new medication, and things got better. I also got a referral to see a specialist who is in electrophysiology. He was wonderful and very knowledgeable! No pacemaker!! My arrhythmia is from the sinus node and can be controlled with medication.

After a month on the new medication, I’m starting to feel better and have more energy. Almost back to normal. Road trip to Tampa!

Breakfast first… yummy
Local scenery….lol

Went to a spring training game in Tampa!! Yankees vs. The Red Sox, we won!!!

Drove by the stadium…Brady
The ballpark
Getting the field ready….
National Anthem
Opening Day March 30th!!!

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