Opening Day and week

I love baseball, and I go to opening day every year for the last 25 years. I usually go with my older son, but this year was 4 x fun with my younger son and grandson.

Wednesday 29th, 1st drink of baseball week!
Our usual picture together
Nolan, my grandson is ready…
My son Seth and me…
Fenway park
Opening Day
The Green Monstah wall…
Playing against the Baltimore orioles
Papi is throwing out the 1st ball
Red Sox mascots…

The next game was on Saturday, April 1st. I am so lucky to be with both my sons.

My younger son Adam…
Pre-game drinks..
Me, Seth and Adam…yahoo!!

Sunday afternoon game was just Seth and me!!

Seth, are you a little sleepy?
3rd baseman…Devers
Pregame stretching
Great seats!!!

To finish up the week, I was able to spend a couple of days with my younger son Adam and his family. ❤️

My granddaughter Evelyn and her unicorn!
Showing me her Christmas gift. WOW!

It was definitely a great week. In the midweek, I got a small visit in, with my mother. Like most vacations, they are always too short. Missing my hubby …

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