A day off…

Today June 2 was a date day!! So much fun day! Start off with golfing then seafood at the beach. Finishing the day with a ride along the coast.

Hubby ❀
Me πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ
Golf course landscape
A sign of New England! One for a ride to the beach!
5 minutes to the beach….yeah!
Low tide
Ahhhhhh seafood!
Fried oysters and onion rings
View from our table
Low tide
Lobsta .. yummmy!
Atlantic ocean

A great day!!! On the way home we stopped at the Lindt outlet ahhh yummmy chocolate ❀ I love truffles!

Yard work…

Today was a full day. Shopping at Home depot then work around the house. I pressure washed the patio. Planted more flowers in blue pots. Fixed and painted a bird bath and finally I made supper with some help from hubby.

A chow mein
Rice noodles
Crunchy chow mein noodles

Riding downtown and noted all the outside dining.

Landmarks from around Nashua NH.

It was great to finally being able to have dinner with the Large Theokas clan. Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and bbq sauce. Corn on the cob and handmade onion rings. Yummmy!

Growing so much taller!
Love transformers like his dad!
My daughter in law enjoying the day
Yummmy homemade onion rings!

With the covid 19 the only way she can hold her great grandbabies! ❀

Great grandbabies ❀

Pictures from around the yard.

New rug new dining area
Yellow finch
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal
Rhododendrons starting to bloom
Huge blossoms this year
Irises coming up

Memorial week

I have been working around my Mom’s house. The front is almost done. Just fertilizing and seeding to be done. I’m going to start the huge task of tackling the back yard! There are a lot of weeds to tackle! Weed wacker come on down! Lol

Overgrown like a yard from a Dicken’s novel
After work cocktails

The back yard gets busy with chipmunks and birds.

Blue Jay taking a bath.
Chipmunk on the flower pot!

The days are going very quickly and the yard work is going a long slowly.

Tail end of a young Oriole finding the suet.
Yellow finch
Honoring my Dad on Memorial day

Enjoying the time πŸ’•

Mimosas starting the week off right
Friut platter at the Lawrence’s cafe!

With self quarantine my Mom has been by herself, so on Sunday we had a big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, toast and English muffins. Totally yummmy!!!

Monday I raked out under all the shrubs then Mom and I went to home depot. We picked up 5 bags of mulch. That is what it took for me to do 1 mulching around the front tree. Mom and I also filled 4 bags of leaves.

Today we went to visit our youngest son and family. Then a seafood lunch. Doing the cushions on the porch for my Mom and David went to pick up more mulch.

Small Theokas clan fun!
Cushion washing…
Oh yes!! I’m back in New England!! Lobsta 🦞

Today it’s going to be hot, so I did my raking early this morning. Now Mom has a little garden area to sit.

Garden area

Ahhhhhh home πŸ₯°

It exciting to see everyone! The only drawback is I can’t hug them and staying 6 feet away. I was so happy to see my younger son and his family yesterday. Today I’m going to do a drive by to see my older son and his family.

Sister in law
A rabbit appeared 🀩
Celebrating being together

The 1st Monday we were back we went to see the small Theokas clan. I was so excited I forgot to take pictures. Tuesday my Mom and me just chit chatted the whole day and worked on a puzzle. We did have company, my Aunt Dede came over and surprised me!!! We did keep our social distancing by talking through the window…πŸ₯° We also managed to have our windshield fixed today.

Today, Wednesday we did a social distancing visit to the large Theokas clan.

My son
My daughter in law
The middle and youngest grandsons
My older grandson

Today we have been blessed to welcome a new member of our family. Easton William, 9lbs 5ozs. 21 inches. An absolutely beautiful baby!

Visiting brother
Just a friendly game….lol
Last night dessert!
Love my new haircut!!!
Spring is here
Outdoor gardening
The beauty in nature

Yes!! Home!!

Happy Mother’s Day ❀

I usually put a quote of some sort at the beginning except today. My post is dedicated to this beautiful lady I call Mom. Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ₯°

5/9 first robin!

Traveling through the last leg of this journey going home. My excitement is so hard to contain right now.

The river in the background
New York country side
On the road again! Are you singing now? Lol
Traveling through Massachusetts
So many beautiful rivers
Traveling through Worcester Massachusetts

One more state and I’ll be home!!

Closer… πŸ₯°
Happy Mother’s Day ❀

Celebrating with a drink and New England seafood…yummmy.

Lobsta, shrimp, scallops and haddock… I’m in heaven!

Tomorrow a down day. Visiting all day!

New York, New York

The blurry thing in middle of the driveway is where a rock hit us….grrr
Woke up to this !!!
If they were open I’d be there
Beautiful farm
Getting closer to home πŸ˜€

Between PENNSYLVANIA and New York we hit several snow squalls. The temperature has been 29 degrees to 36 degrees.

I was sitting here in the passenger’s seat while David was driving. We left Arizona at 106 degrees and as we transitioned across states the weather was gorgeous, sunny and 70-80 degrees. We hit Oklahoma and there was tornado alerts! Illinois and Indiana it intermittently rained and somewhere in the middle a rock hit our windshield and left a dime size crack. Thank goodness it didn’t go through or shatter the whole windshield. Now we will arrive at the campground in an hour, it is intermittently snowing. So my question is 106 degrees or 36 degrees?

Upper state New York has alot of farms and wineries.
Snow in the fields

Finally stopped for the night. It’s 3 pm and we just made it, we no sooner parked and hook up when it started snowing with some hail mixed in. Thank goodness for heat!!

Haven’t seen snow in 2 years…ok

Ohio rocks!

Woke up this morning to rain, the weather man said it was suppose to end around 10am. So we waited a little longer than normal before we headed out at 9:30. It’s just drizzling so we decided that even if we crawled along we would leave. Today is one of our longer drive days….340 miles!

This is a picture of what we have been driving through for the last two days …stressful! Will it end soon? Please.

Road construction grrrr!
Huge farms and tons of grain silos
Pretty purple trees all along the highway
Solar farms… acres
Coming to the state line

There also seems to be alot of trucker traffic!

On the rode again…
Water towers
Beer anyone?
The clouds are saying SNOW!
That gray haze is snow…..
Grape vines at wineries
Ahhhhhh well deserved drink!!

The day ended with a couple of drinks, homemade chicken soup and a well deserved nap! On to New York state….

Illinois then Indiana

Got up really early this morning and got on the road around 8 am. It was a pretty quiet day. We are driving from Missouri to Indiana. Traffic was a little heavier then normal. A lot of farm land, again lots of cattle. Finally before I knew it we were in St. Louis.

St. Louis

Even though we didn’t get to see the Gateway Arch up close we did go by it.

Gateway arch from the highway
A little closer… πŸ˜„

The scenery is very pretty, flat and goes on forever…..

Flat and it goes on for miles. Pictures really don’t do it justice

I really wish we were in the car so I would have time to stop and photograph old farm houses, grain silos and barns.

Each farm has a different story. Each one has it’s own beauty in the house, the barn or the grain silos. You can almost hear them talking to you. Yes they all fascinate me. The farmhouses sitting on acres of land are just so interesting and beautiful.

As we were driving down the road in rural Indiana. A yellow plane was land on his farm land. Pretty exciting and amazing πŸ’₯

Tomorrow we are heading toward Ohio. It’s suppose to rain so it will take us a little longer. We will take our time.

Missouri continues….

Someone didn’t want to get out of bed this am. He likes being under the covers, the temp did dip into the 50s. We are definitely know we heading East with the cooler temperatures.

The clouds this morning were just beautiful and mesmerizing. I hope you enjoy a few pictures. It’s going to be a good day πŸ₯°

Ya rough ❀

The scenery is beautiful with big fields and herds of cattle. The farm houses, water towers and small towns. I thought I’d spare you the pictures of cattle. I did find a few amusing sights.

Yes huge fields and silos!

It started about 20 miles away and continued to remind you everything 5 miles or so that the candy store was coming up. Can you imagine if you are in a car with kids who can read???

Yes! Redmon candy factory!
A sign of a small town – a water tower

Finally BLTs for dinner, masked singer then a dog walk. The moon was absolutely beautiful and a perfect ending to the day. ❀ Onward to Illinois then Indiana where we will stop for the night.

Almost a full moon