Anchorage by train…

Today we start our 2 day trek to Las Vegas. We will be taking a 7 hour railroad ride to Anchorage where we will spend the night. I am excited to see Peanut. In pictures he looks a little thinner.

Our train
Little houses
View of Anchorage from our balcony

After a long day we went out for a bite to eat…. The Brewhouse.

A cocktail
Awesome seafood chowder
Blackened Cod
Shrimp and grits

Tomorrow flying to Seattle…..✈️

Denali National Park

Today we are taking a 4 1/2 hour bus tour of Denali National Park.

Ethan was Alaskan native and he gave us the history and importance of the moose to his tribe.

Unfortunately due to the clouds, fog and snow we didn’t get to see Denali completely.

It started to snow and so it was time to head back. Later in the evening we went to a show, The music of Denali.

The troup

Heading to Anchorage in the morning ❤️🚉 by train.

Denali….part 2

An Alaskan river
Mt. McKinley lodge
Fannie Q
Interesting lights
Finally drinks and food
Statute in main lobby

Tomorrow we are off on a bus tour. Denali Natural History Tour 🚍

Denali….part 1

We traveled all day from 7 am to 3:45 pm finally arriving in Denali. Luckily we saw beautiful scenery.

Arrived in Whittier
6 am last picture on the boat 😥
Handsome hubby
Patrolling the tunnel
This entrance to a 2 mile one way tunnel so you might have to wait up to 20 minutes
Stopping for lunch
Views from the restaurant
Beware of bears…🤣
Back on the bus

Part 1 continue to part 2

Alaska a sea day….

A dog
A pilot boat
Cruising in the bay
On the way to Whittier
Shrimp cakes with a variety of sauces
Pot stickers
The view from our table!
View from the Aft
Celebrating Jim and Lynn’s Anniversary
Staff singing to them
Our renewal album arrived
Outside from our balcony at 10:30 p.m.
More pictures at night

It was our last night on the ship…… 😥. Tomorrow morning will we be headed to Denali.

Renewal of our vows ❤️

I thank Maria in activities for doing a great job to make our day special day 💕

Our day started with this lovely arrangement from Holland America
Groom’s boutonniere
Bride’s wristband
Captain 2nd from the left, he also lives in Portland Maine
Reciting our vows
Certificate of Renewal
Thank you Jim and Lynn for sharing our special day
Wedding cake
We broke the cake cutting knife….oops 🤣
Feeding the groom
Ready to feed the bride…
Fooling around at dinner
The Pinnacle Grill
Our waiter Marko
Beautiful surprise 💕
Even a beautiful shadow

It was a wonderful time and it was so special. It meant alot to me …❤️

Alaska, Friday… Glacier Bay

Today is exciting, 1st the Glacier bay then our renewal of our vows. I have enjoyed this trip and I am so happy. Thank you Jim and Lynn for coming with us and making the trip even more special.

Hot toddy watching the Glaciers
2 bald eagles on an ice float

I’m so fortunate that Lynn likes to go to afternoon tea. The husbands think it’s great they don’t have to go 🤣.

3 pm Lynn and I went to tea!

I’m getting excited about renewing our wedding vows. Some beautiful flowers came today.

From Holland America

This evening the renewal of our vows ❤️

Alaska, Thursday… Skagway

Picture from the pet resort
Skagway, ships in harbor
Views from our balcony
Trolley around Skagway
Me and the trolley driver
A helicopter coming in
Train heading out of town
Female bathroom
Male bathroom
Statute in town of forefathers
Equipment to plow the railroad tracks
Small houses in Skagway
A downtown store
A local church
Skagway fire department
Skagway river
Snow capped mountains
Overview of Skagway
President of the railroad house
Another church
Original Skagway cemetery
Another statute in town, gold miner and his dog
Nieuw Amsterdam

Another wonderful day on our adventure. Pictures leaving Skagway….

Still light at 9 pm
Beautiful ❤️

Alaska Tuesday and Wednesday….

We arrived in Ketchikan on Tuesday. Took a bus tour of the town. Wonderful and informative driver. We also did some walking around.

Water can rise up to boardwalk
Lots of bald eagles ❤️
Trolley ride
Wall of sea life
Totem pole park
Arriving into Juneau on Wednesday
Most popular crab house $$$
On our balcony
Sculpture in Juneau
Wall art
Our homeland
We’ve arrived
Whale watching but saw seals. Saw 3 sightings of Whales.
Broken off ice
End of a great day… Bahama Mamas

Alaska here we come… Sunday and Monday ❤️

Yes we were still packing at 9:30 pm on May 7th. We slept in the rig, in the long term parking lot. There were other RVs and 18 wheelers there too. Three am came quick and so our adventure started. After we boarded the plane and was ready to leave I saw a police officer coming toward the plane…… oh no something is up? A air valve was off and there was a 45 minute delay. Now I’m concerned, will we make our bus transfer in time. Well the desk wasn’t marked and it took us 15 minutes to find our check in contact. Then we had to go through another line to check in on what bus we would take. There was only one person at this point.

We still needed to go through Canada’s customs and security. By now it is 3 pm and we were suppose to be on board the ship by 2:20 pm. Finally we made it. First stop was for a drink. While having a great drink an announcement was made that we would be underway as soon as everyone’s luggage got aboard. It was a 45 minute delay till we left. It was now almost 5 pm and thankfully we also found something to eat. Finally we met up with Jim and Lynn.

We all went to dinner, and did alot of catching up. It was a relatively early evening. Showered and in bed by 9 pm. Ahhhhhh….

I love flying in the clouds, it makes me feel close to my memere.
On the bus from Seattle to Vancouver
Stadium of the Mariners baseball tea

Monday we started by having breakfast in our stateroom. Did a little of unpacking and the went to the jewelry store. Had a welcome mimosa, received a raffle ticket and entered a 2nd drawing. Did a lot of window shopping. I was then given a eagle necklace and won a second one by answering a trivia question. Well it was time for the 2nd raffle drawing. OMG!!! I won I couldn’t believe it!!!

Pictures around the ship.

Bar stools
Customer waiting area
Beautiful floral arrangements
After 3 pm tea Lynn and I went to a floral demonstration

We all went to dinner together….yummy

Filet mignon
Finished the evening in the B.B. King Lounge