All clear to go…..

Well, it’s been 12 days since my surgery, and I just got the okay to drive and the okay to travel to Florida. A lot of wonderful times this summer but excited to start a new one! 😊 A ride up north to see the foliage… beautiful.

Mt. Washington boat on Lake Winnipesaukee
Lunch at Hart’s Turkey farm
Yummy!! 🦃
Red maple in front of my Mother’s house
My pretty granddaughter, Evelyn
Mom and my sister Diane
The three of us ❤️
Lunch at the Olive garden
Evelyn’s kitten Gaston
My beautiful granddaughter, Oriana
Happy birthday, Adam!

We left the next day to spend a few days with my mom before leaving for Florida.

More fun….

Sculpture around a Goffstown NH park

I went to a meat raffle this weekend. Nope, I didn’t win, but my daughter-in-law did haddock and stuff clam shells.

Sunday was girls’ day out! There were 4 of us, my daughter-in-law, and her mom, my granddaughter, and me. First,we went to lunch at the Firefly restaurant. Then, we were treated to a play, The Little Mermaid. Cute ❤️

Murals on the way to the theater.

A wonderful day!

Rving isn’t always fun. I will need to have surgery. This is scary and stressful. It has delayed our trip to Florida by 6 weeks. The cold weather here in New England is also concerning. Hopefully, it won’t go below 32 degrees.

Beautiful flowers from my awesome daughter in law
Beautiful foliage
Mountain rd Goffstown NH

I’m doing some updates on our little kitchen area.

One small area to finish

Catch up later… October 13th, no, it’s not a Friday 😊

Family fun…

Family night at Fenway park!Park!! Thank you Seth ❤️⚾️ Thank you, Adam, for driving into Boston! 😊

Thank you, Seth, for taking us to the Red Sox game!!⚾️ We had a great time!!! It was so special to have the whole family together ❤️

Round 2 at Seth’s house


Visit with Mom, lunch at Panera, squash soup….yummy!

Coffee and chit chatting
Outstanding calamari 🐙
Homemade macaroni and cheese
Sebastián loves pumpkin pie!!!
Esai, handsome, dude!
Dinner with Jim and Lynn
Pirate scarecrow
Beauty and the beast
Raising the flag
300th Chester Anniversary

Another fun and great week ❤️

Another good week!

Young jedi
Group of jedi

The annual Greek Glendi… opa!

Adam part of the crew
One of the cooks, Seth
Derek crew
High School dance

Seafood at Adam and Laura’s house 🦞 steamers, shrimp, and lobsters….yummy!

I love New England steamers!

Thanks for another wonderful week home! ❤️

Birthday weekend…..

I decided to have permanent makeup done on my eyebrows…. I love them. ❤️

Outlined brows.
After finished brows

Breakfast at Tuckers…yummy!!

Homemade hash omelet
Meat and vegetables omelet

We decided to pull our couch out and we will be putting 2 recliners in, but until the recliners come in we are using our fold up chairs. 😊

Removed couch
Fold up chairs for now
Thursday’s moon
Setting up for the fireworks
Sunset at the beach

Birthday fun!!!🍾🥳🎉

Breakfast bloody marys
Golfing with son and daughter-in-law
Hello Adam
Hello Seth
Hello Dana
Happy Birthday!!

Thank you all for making my Birthday weekend absolutely amazing!!❤️

Summer wrapping up…😪

Spa day !!! 💅

Gaston…Evelyn’s kitten
Mickie mouse pancakes
Airfry bacon ….yummy
Disney earrings
New vegetarian cookbook…yeah!!
Fun at Disney
New haircut
Dinner with Mom at the Olive Garden

Its been a busy week, and some fun too!

Happy Anniversary…38 years â¤ï¸ðŸ¥‚🍾

We started the day by going out for breakfast…yummy.

Sawyers local breakfast restaurant
Veggie omelet
Breakfast burrito

Next, we went off to the Christmas Dove. It is one of my favorite places, room after room of Christmas decorations.

We then took a ride through the New Hampshire back roads and finally, having a romantic dinner at LaBelle Winery.

It was a great Anniversary day, and I’m looking forward to spending many more years with my loving husband ❤️🥂🍾

Small Theokas clan

I finished the wall…yeah ❤️
Evelyn finished her rainbow
Pool ready for party ….
Dylan’s going away party 🥳
Off to college!

A wonderful silly lunch with Adam🍹🍹


Having a great time!!!

Week 7 summer continues….

The week started off relatively quiet, I puttered around the RV. Had pizza with the family for dinner. Monday we went to a funeral, the father of a good friend. Then I went to the gynecologist for testing.

I have been preoccupied with my health issues but so far everything is negative!! Yeah. So I took some time off writing my blog. But here are a few highlights!

Eating out at Tuckaway…yummy
Our selfie
Esai and Nolan at beach house
My princesses and me ❤️
Date night Mexican food!

Be back soon ❤️