Sunday. . Exploring

With only 2 days left here in Cedar city we decided to go out for breakfast then exploring. We went to Amber Kay’s Cafe. David had a 3 egg cheese Philly omelet and I had eggs Benedict. Both were delicious! This restaurant is a local gem!!

Cedar city

After we decided to go and check out dinosaur fossil footprints. On our way to Parowan gap.

These mountains are more gray and black

We came upon the location where the dinosaur fossil footprints are in the stones. They had markers where the footprints are but I still had a hard time seeing them… hmmm.

Lower field
Rock formations
Markers among the stones!
?? Fossil footprints??
Another fossil but I don’t see it 😪
On the way to Parowan gap to see the petroglyphs
OMG get your finger off the lens!!
Thousands of years old
Lizard sunning!☀️
Some are faded, right lower corner
Surrounding scenery

It was outstanding to be able to see the drawings that were created thousands of years ago. It really makes you contemplate on life today and years ago.

Saturday…. golfing

Sebastián in his baseball uniform! That’s my grandson ❤

So today, Saturday we decided to go golfing.

Cedar Ridge Golf course
Mountains all around….beautiful
Teeing off

We had a great time even if my short game just died today….😪

After playing golf we went to Hermies drive in for a fish sandwich, fries, onion rings and fried mushrooms. We over bought….lol. A nap called us after..zzzz..wonderful!

Supper is one of my favorites, hamburgers and 3 colored rotini pasta salad. David made the hamburgers perfect with extra sharp cheese and vadalia onions….yummy!

Part 3 Bryce canyon

Due to the amount of pictures I wanted to post and the media transfer giving me trouble. I needed to break the blog into 3 parts. Thank you for understanding….enjoy!

Absolutely beautiful

I feel that Bryce point was the most beautiful part of the park! I didn’t use many explanations under pictures, for I felt the beauty spoke for itself. We spent about 5 hours and still didn’t finished missing 3 overlooks. We stopped for an ice coffee and pizza. A wonderful break, then we went to the general store and David bought me my souvenir penny. We decided to call it a day. We didn’t do any hiking but we did walk 2.5 miles. Homeward bound!

Red canyon

It was another great day! Totally beautiful scenery and wonderful company! Another one cross off my bucket list.

See what I’m doing 😁

We Tuesday was a down day. David went and did laundry. I cleaned up the rig and folded the laundry. Later we took a nap. Ahhhhhh We tried out our new table top grill. Yummy chicken came out perfect. We were able to watch the season finale of NCIS and FBI. Tomorrow is suppose to be another beautiful day so I would say we will probably go golfing.

Well Wednesday came and went! I felt a light under the weather so I slept off and on all day. I even manage to sleep all night!

Got up at 7:30 am and had coffee then packed a lunch for us with snacks. Off we go to Bryce Canyon. It takes about 1.5 hours to get there!

On the way to Bryce Canyon

While we stopped a woman came up to our car. She just wanted to say cause they were from Maine. Well lo and behold they use to be my sister’s next door neighbor. Small world !!

PJ, me and Maryann
A wonderful surprise!

We continued on our way!

Yeah Bryce canyon!
Barren due to forest fires

Part 1

Sunday, Monday ZION!

Evelyn ready for some soccer!

Had a great day watching Phil Mickelson win the PGA. After we went to home depot for a propane table grill. We also bought a collapsible step and a pan to grill vegetables. We spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS LA and NCIS NEW ORLEANS. We had a treat while watching….. ice cream, yummy!!!

Got up about 8 am. had coffee and breakfast. Made sandwiches and packed our backpack with snacks. Got the water camelback full of water. Poles check, hats and sun screen, ready! On our way to Zion National Park. I’m excited!

Angus beef
Takes your breath away
Incredible formations
Blossoms along the trails
Hi ho….
Formations and cliffs are so high
Day total of 4.5 miles
I feel so small
Statute out side of visitors center
End of day
On the way back to car
On the way home

The park was awesome!!! The formations were so high! The park is incredible!! Another place off my bucket List! Yahoooo!

Exploring Utah!

We got going around noon and decided to go visit Cedar Breaks National Monument. Some pictures along the way…absolutely beautiful ❤ even though it was overcasted.

Heading out of Cedar city
Beautiful red colors
Layers on layers
So mammoth
Beautiful birch trees
Breathe taking
Snow at the top and 34 degrees

Headed back to Cedar City

We didn’t go home right away, we stopped for wine tasting. The place was called I/G Winery.

A little pricey we thought but fun
Unique light
Enjoying the tasting

Another great day, beautiful scenery and wine. But even more, I got to do it with my best friend, Hubby!!❤

Thursday 5/20 and Friday 5/21….what did you do today?

Thursday has definitely a down day after we traveled 12 hours in the RV. We slept till 8:30 and took a nap early afternoon for several hours. I woke up after about half an hour. The RV shook from the high winds today. We treated ourselves to Chinese food even had it delivered. Chillin the rest of the day.

David noticed a little hot dog hut across the street. Also they sell ice cream in the store that’s in the office area. So I went and got a couple of hot dogs for dinner then a dish of ice cream for later. The wind is so crazy it will shake the RV. We were amused cause a small RV next to us has New Hampshire plates on it. Hmm I’ll have to talk to them later.

I think between the 12 hour driving day and the altitude we are slow today,Friday. The wind is also 45 mph with 65 mph gust and yes it is blowing crazy. We did go to Walmart for grocery shopping, now we are good for 2-3 weeks. Most our day was just chillin. With all the wind pollen is kicking our butt with stuffyness, sneezy and runny nose.

Well my husband out did himself!!!❤It was cool today with a high of 62 degrees. So he has been cold for 2 days. This afternoon he made one of my favorite soups, Italian sausage soup….yummy!!! It was so good especially with the mozzarella on top and fresh Italian bread.

Italian sausage soup with rice,sausage and spinach. Delicious!!

The rest of the night we watched Pretty Woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Real exciting couple…

Utah bound…

Oh what a day!! Leaving Williams and heading toward Cedar city, Utah. We’ll 1st we ended up leaving an hour later, it took us 5-6 tries to get the car loaded on the tow dolly. So finally we were off towards Utah. We’ll kaboom! 20 miles west of Flagstaff we got a flat tire on the tow dolly. Thank goodness for having a spare tire. Called a towing company from Flagstaff to have it changed. Johnson’s heavy towing is who we used they were wonderful, professional and efficient. An hour later we were back on the road.

Finally on our way!! We took rte. 89 north of Flagstaff.

Snow on the top of the mountain
Miles and miles of prairie
The colors are gorgeous!
Formations are so unique
Amazing beauty
Vermillion cliffs
HUGE Boulders
The size of these cliffs make you feel so small
Scenery change
Results of Arizona forest fire
Miles of burned forest

Finally crossed the state line, followed rte. 89 only to find out that there was some construction that won’t allow trucks through, roads were very narrow and it was 10,000 feet above sea level. So we felt uneasy so we turned around and went back 40 miles and took rte. 389 which turned out great.

Geodome house
Almost there, so enjoy the sunset
Downtown Cedar city

Well we are only 1 mile from the KOA campground and it’s almost 10 pm. We usually like to arrive around 4-5 pm the latest but as David would say rving is like ” jello, baby”. Good night and no alarm tomorrow morning!!!

Last day…Utah next stop ☀️👓

Well our last outing, out to lunch. We started at the El corral. Margaritas and nachos.

After we walked across the street to the Sultana, a local bar.

Rte 66
What a hoot!!
Pretzels and cheese
Chicken quesadilla
Outside Sultana Theater

Well this wraps up our trip to the Grand Canyon, Sedona and a few other side trips. Tomorrow we are off to Utah.