Deadwood, South Dakota

Today was cooler then yesterdays 90 degree weather. So being in the 70s we decided to go to Deadwood for the day.

Covered wagon
Stage coach ride
Beautiful horses
Saloon sign
Inside bar
James Bond tux
Mick Jagger’s guitar
Diane, Rod Stewart’s guitar ❀
Interesting round neon sign
Western characters around town
Local lodging

After some whiskey sampling and walking around we decided to have lunch at the Maverick. Oh some where we did a little gambling 😁

Yummy honey garlic wings!!!
Delicious prime rib sub
The Sheriff
Cowboys playing cards
OMG someone cheated
A gun fight

It was a fun day with my best friend, HubbyπŸ’• Lastly an ice coffee for him, and ice cream for me!

Fish n’ Fry…

My grandson Nolan made All Stars!! Congratulations and so proud ⚾️

We arrived on Saturday and since we are staying 2 weeks, we decided to take Sunday as a down day. It was wonderful to just hang out and do nothing. Today, Monday we will be going into Spearfish for some grocery shopping and to pick up Peanut’s medication.

Deadwood S.D.
Spearfish…interesting 😁
Lunch after grocery shopping
Bacon bloody mary and pale ale.🍺
Mobile hanging from ceiling
mussels with garlic bread
Baked crab stuffed mushrooms

The appetizers were soooo huge, that we brought some home. Great place and delicious food.

Driving through Deadwood
Alvin, Theodore and Simon
Dino and hi ho Silver !
Red flying Pegasus ❀

Well we put the groceries away, had a afternoon rest time. I love retirement!We didn’t eat supper till 8 pm and just had hamburgers and pasta salad. Watched TV and at 10 pm called it a day. Tomorrow I think we’ll have Peanut’s nails cut then check out Deadwood or go swimming or both. Good night Zzzz

Fish n’ Fry 🎣 South Dakota

Well the morning started with a soft tire on the dolly. The left side, it was the right side that blew a couple of weeks ago. So we went to Big Horn tire and they said the tire was just a little low on air. So now at 10 am we are finally on the rode. South Dakota is a short trip today at 172 miles.

On the road again 🎡🎡
Robert Redford are you there?
Interesting 😁
Welcome to the Blackhills
A new farm house
Starting to come into the town
Big water park
We arrived!!!
Fishing anyone??
Trout pond
Here we go….fishing for supper 😁
Got ya!
Kiss the fish…lol
Fried trout in cornmeal!! Yummy!
David had fried chicken
On the way back to the RV….tranquil

It was really great to see Kevin and Marie again. Boy do they work hard here..phew they don’t stop. Marie cooked our dinners to perfection, the trout was really awesome, delicious.

We finally got settled in and actually went to bed early for us, 9 – 9:30 pm. Zzzzzz

Buffalo Wy…. a one nighter…😁

Left Livingston Montana and finally made it to Buffalo wy. It took us 6 hours. When I was making an arrival check I noticed that the tire on the dolly was low, ?? Leak or new tire needed? Will have tire garage check in the morning.

Yellowstone River
Part of the Rockies
Looks like green velour
Welcome to Wyoming
Entering Sheridan
Unusual gold building? Gym
Beautiful lake

Tomorrow we head toward Deadwood, South Dakota. We will have some down time before our Badlands tour.

Geothermal soaking

A nice relaxing day…Yellowstone Hot Springs!! There were 3 sections, 1 hot pool at a 106 degrees, the 2nd pool 100, the 3rd was a cold water pool at 65 degrees! I didn’t go into the cold one brrrrr. The weather was sunny and about 68 degrees although the wind was crazy. We left a little early due to the wind, dust and sand. We had a wonderful time and my skin is silky smooth.

In the middle of the mountains
Pool brown due to minerals

Area was beautifully decorated.

David enjoying the hot pool ❀
Where we sat πŸͺ‘

We chilled the rest of day. We did start to get ready to leave Livingston, Montana for Buffalo, Wyoming. We will be only staying 1 night then Fish and fry in Deadwood, South Dakota for 12 days, going to meet up with friends.

Montana…Yellowstone National Park

Two straight days of driving really did me in so today we are taking a rest day off from traveling. We did go grocery shopping and picked up propane for the grill.

Atmosphere is clearer today
Such beauty
Mountains of Christmas trees

Up bright and early to go Yellowstone national park! Lunches made, snacks and water packed. Peanut all squared away. Let’s GO!!!

Headed into the mountains
I love the farm houses on the prairie
Beauty in rolls of hay stacked
Snow capped mountains
Yellowstone river
Hiding the sign πŸ˜ͺ
Arch at beginning of the park
Even on hot grounds flowers flourish
Waterfalls at Golden gate
A dragon fly visit
Steam coming from the ground
A lot of dead vegetation
Boiling water
Monument geyser basin
Beautiful hot (175+ degrees) pools
Resting bison
Old Faithful starting
Spouting off
Leaving Yellowstone Park
A final goodbye ❀

It was a wonderful day. Long 8 hour day though. Saw some beautiful scenery and unique sights. The roads are windy and the speed limit in many sections is 35 mph. So if you visit you might break up the visiting over several days.


Once again we got up early and we had to back track 3 miles for gas. So that was a 6 mile delay. Oh this morning I saw a beautiful bird, so I have North American bird book, I looked it up and it was a yellow billed Magpie.

I wasn’t fast enough with the camera
Leaving Idaho
Miles and miles of green fields
Numerous factories along the way
Going down road jig a jig
Make a wish! Bales of hay!
Beautiful soft green rolling hills
Quaint farms
Train trestle
Montana Continental Divide
Snow capped mountains
Going through the mountains
Beautiful lake
Another factory
Montana mountains
View from our front window at the campsite
View from the side window mooo!

Well, we finally got all settled. We had a glass of red wine and then I started supper. Shrimp scampi with thin spaghetti, topped with parmesan cheese and of course another glass of merlot. Ahhhhhh Relaxed the rest of the evening. David went to the main office to see about any pamphlets on things to do. So far we got Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

Idaho stop over

We started off pretty well this morning leaving a little after 9 am.

Headed out of the city
3 engines on these long western trains
Leaving Salt Lake City
Factory on the outskirts of the city
How Peanut travels zzzzz
Headed to Idaho
That’s one big bull
Yeah a stop soon!
A small lake
Across the street from the RV entrance. 🀣

We got to the RV park about 1:45 pm. Got settled quickly, had lunch and lastly a nap….happiness

Tonight we made supper, David made a salad, I cooked the chicken and butternut squash. Watched a little TV and sweet dreams…..zzzz. oh, Montana tomorrow now….zzzz. 😴

Last day at Salt Lake City

It was a on and off again debate today about going to the 2002 Olympic Park. Well about 11 am we finally decided to go. Hi ho off to the Olympics we go.

On the way to the village
Entrance to Olympic Park
2002 Olympic logo
Entrance to Olympic museum
Just hanging around…lol
Through the years
Downhill and cross country skiers
Ski jumps
Landing pool
They get soaked before jumping
Getting ready to jump
Video ski jump

So after watching the future Olympians, we went over to the bobsled. David wanted to try it. Ahhhh

On display bobsled
David read to go
Here he comes!!
Bronze medal it is !!

Time for lunch…..yummy

Leaving the Olympic Park

We found a bar, the Red Rock Brewery.

Appetizer Calamari
Roasted cauliflower….spicy πŸ”₯
On the way to look at RVs

After we took a ride to General RV to look at some RVs. They said that inventory is low. Wow they were right they only had 2 new class A and NO used Class A. Disappointing πŸ˜ͺ

It was pretty laid back after we got home. We chilled and had KFC for dinner. Tomorrow we head to Idaho. Zzzzzz sweet dreams πŸ›πŸ˜΄

Day 2 SLC…tabernacle

Today I woke up really early today, 6 am. Had coffee then planned our route home. Phew…done! We should be arriving home around July 8th mid to late afternoon. Off we went to the Tabernacle for the noon organ rehearsal. Bumped into 2 young ladies that were doing missionary work for the church. They informed us that since Covid everything related to the Tabernacle has been closed. Just a little disappointing. We did get to peek through the windows and saw the huge pipe organ.

The buildings around the city are fascinating.

Ribbon like metal overlooks the road
Statute at the creek city mall in Temple Square
One of the water fountain at the mall
Administrative offices of the church
Building next to the Tabernacle
Renovations on the Tabernacle
The gardens are beautiful
Looking down the street
Assembly Hall
Side of Assembly Hall
A picture of the inside where the pipe organ is housed.
On the way back to the car
Stream right in middle of the mall
Trolley cars
Trinity Greek Orthodox church

On our way for lunch. We decided to have some Lebanese food.

Biker statutes are all over the city
Appetizer plate, beet dip, muhammara, and baba ghannouj

Lamb meatballs and falafel with herb sauce
Afternoon cocktail with lunch, red Lebanese wine

It was another wonderful day adventuring. Oh I almost forgot while we were at the mall David got his glasses fix and while he did that I went to the chocolate store!!

Holy Pecan Caramel Apple!!!

I am so lucky to be on this adventure!!