Happiness ❤

Yesterday I babysat Evelyn and finally got to the beach. 😀

Good to be home ❤
So calming

After sitting at the beach and walking in the water, we went out to eat.

A beer and clam chowder to start
Seafood platter!
Dessert fried dough

Saturday was really an awesome day. I got to see my cousins. Sharon, I haven’t seen in a year and Lynn Ann, I haven’t in 18 – 20 years. Pool time on a hot day then a delicious BBQ!

Lynn Ann and Sharon
Sharon and my Aunt Irene
The group
My beautiful cousin
Time to eat!!
Steak tips, chicken, green beans and campers potatoes….yummy
Christopher ❤
Family time
The Best!!

Thank you so much for hosting the get together. It was a great day and wonderful company!

A new week…..

A new haircut

Tuesday we started to take care of Evelyn so we planned a fun day. Surprises and movies. Oh yes, a new jacket ❤

New jacket
Seeing Jungle Cruise
1st 3D movie!!
Soda or lemonade?
Butter layered popcorn….yummy!
Cool ride!!

My mother went out to eat with her sister so we had date night…❤ Startets at Fratello’s restaurant. Then Martha’s exchange for a sandwich.

Merlot and Tanqueray orange.
Stuffed mushrooms
7&7, Tanqueray and tonic
1/2 Thanksgiving sandwich and fries
Happy Birthday Katie 🥳

Babysat then date night…Yahoo!!

Decorating Mem
Playing dolls

Off to Lawrence, MA for the drum and bugle show. We ate at a Lebanese restaurant, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, lamb and rice…yummy

Corp bus in street
Field waiting….
Sunset faint rainbow
Faint rainbow
National Anthem

Pictures of the different corps. Great fun and shows!

A good week. …..

Dinner time with family…

We were invited to Seth’s house for dinner.

Dana’s beautiful flowers
Sebastián and Esai greeting Peanut
My beautiful granddaughter Oriana
Esai and my son Seth
My Mom, Lorraine
How are my teeth?
David, Hubby ❤
Love my family ❤
Horsing around
Billy the dummy….
My handsome grandson, Nolan

It was a great night with family. The food was delicious. The Esai entertainment was excellent!! Thank you large Theokas clan for a wonderful time!! ❤

Mom’s house…

One of the things I do for my Mom is to help her take care of the graves. We both like them to look nice.

My Mom’s Dad
Mom visiting my Dad

Tuesday Seth and I headed to Fenway for a game. Unfortunately the game got rained out 😪

Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial bridge
The Prudential
Boo hoo 😪

So we tried again the next day. Taking the T subway into Boston then on to Fenway.

Graffiti on subway walls
Waiting for the subway
A sign of Boston
Pre game drinks Lansdowne St. Bar
Appetizers … yummy
Traditional game picture
Game umpires
Love my Fenway!
A great day ⚾️

Back to routine…

A crazy day!! First David got dropped with Uber trying to pick up the driving passengers part not just the uber food. Ok so I went with him and tada I lost credit card. WONDERFUL 😪 grrrrr.

A little needed fun
A sampler

After dinner spoke with my brother a the cherry on the sundae. 2 people I know passed away. I don’t think I should have gotten out of bed today!

We got home and I took pictures of my bike and put it up for sale.

For sale!

Going to mom’s house tomorrow and I need to work on my pod.

Family Thomas Reunion

We are going to a Thomas family reunion. I’m excited to see everyone after what seems like 2 years instead of a year of covid.

On our way
Bring fresh laid eggs

Sorry to say I was having such a good time I didn’t take any pictures.. duh.

A good day !
Playing dolls today
Another rainy day 😪

The rain stopped and we went blueberry picking….

Blueberry picking
Tomorrow blueberry coffee cake
History repeats itself, watching Barbie!

Getting ready for parents to come home tomorrow…..yeah says Evelyn ❤

Welcome home sign up

Next clean up duty then make a blueberry cake…yummy. Someone is getting very excited!

Ready for the oven
Done! Yummy

Tomorrow the parental units come home ❤ one little girl will be happy!! She told me it was time to go home… next door….lol I love her!!!

In the morning she got to go to the lake with her friends. Tonight parents!


Still a little under the weather but I did get dressed and did a mile walk with my granddaughter and dog. Slow but done.

Well after 3-4 days I’m starting to feel better.


We are finally home and I think I have bronchitis due to allergies. I didn’t take many pictures today. I just feel under the weather.

Traveling home

Went to urgent clinic yesterday and sure enough I have bronchitis. So now I’m on prednisone, z pack and albuterol inhaler. So I will be recouping for a few days.

View from my rig…pretty

See you in a few days! Catch up on some of my other blogs ❤ Rvingwithlinda.com

July 7th Vermont

About 280 miles and a third of in on 2 way roads going 45 mph. So it took us about 6 hours. Pictures were mostly from New York.

Going through upper New York State
Alpaca farm
I love pictures of old barns
A restaurant
Mountains but overcast
Beautiful New York river
A statute in the center of town
A quaint little town

We did about 280 miles today. I was a little under the weather all day. My head was congested. I really don’t know if it’s a summer cold or allergies due to the rain. A shower then bed! Tomorrow HOME ❤

July 5th….July 6th

First I would like to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful brother in law Bryan!!!🎉🥳. Today was a shorter travel day we only did 270 miles. It was nice to stop early and get some extra down time. We are only 3 travel days away from home. 😁

Beautiful farm
Salt or sand storage building
Ohio! Yeah!!

Tomorrow we head toward New York, then Vermont and finally Goffstown NH. HOME!!

3 more states Home!
🍷Vineyard 🍷
Lots of Vineyards
Getting closer
Along the highway
Water tower
Corn and hay
Yeah stopping!
Pond fun
Pretty pond

We finally got settled and I laid down for an hour. Then it was happy hour, cheese, crackers and adult beverage.

Blue Moon

After, we are going to change and take a refreshing dip in the pool. Ahhhhhh 🏊‍♀️ It was wonderful and on the way back David bought me an ice cream. It was such a romantic gesture, one of the reasons I love him.