Just Everyday

With Covid making a second wave we are still staying close to the RV. So if we can’t go out we make our cocktails at home with some of our favorite liquor.

Bloody Marys with JalapeΓ±o vodka!

The mountains were actually beautiful gold color in the morning.

In the afternoon we took a ride and even came upon a faint rainbow.

Rainbow left of sun
Rainbow right of sun

As we we’re riding around i noticed the beautiful lawn ornaments. Also the awesome sunset.

Lawn ornaments

It’s really a mood lifter to see the all the Christmas decorations around town.

A little cabin fever so out riding again!

An outside craft fair
Local Irish pub..
Sunset beautiful clouds
Great colors!!

The end of another wonderful week. ❀

Happiness 😊


After the golf tournament we went back to the RV and tuned into my nephew’s virtual wedding πŸ’’ Here are a few pictures ❀

Bride and Groom
The venue
Pretty set up
Beautiful wedding cake
Brad and Emily Lawrence

David has had a very discouraging week. One day he spent quite a while on the phone with Uber. Then the car battery died and we had to call friends to get a jump. Well a week later it happened again so off we went to buy a new battery. We are good now, just tires and brakes next. As I say to David “jello baby jello”…. 😁

A new battery… yeah!!

My 1st golf tournament

We were asked to play in a golf tournament for charity. The charity is Western Arizona Humane Society. We had a great time!

Getting ready
Waiting for the start
Got our carts
The scenery was beautiful
Getting ready to tee off…
Beep, beep road runner
Small beauty of the desert 🏜
Lake Havasu

The girls tee off! β›³πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ

Wild Geese
Lots of ducks!

There was a group of 8 of us, that went golfing.

Stan, big winner of the day!
Greg another lucky winner!
The “Group”

Thank you 😊 to John and Lea for the invite to join a fun tournament!!

Getting busy…yeah

Needed to find something to do, so I asked to start another wall… πŸ‘ Viola!!

Tomorrow the kitchen crew is going to make breakfast for the volunteers. Here we go!

Things working out really well so after I went and did some more painting.

Love music
Dancing kokopelli
A cold one after a long day ahhhh!

Veteran’s Day and the kitchen crew put on a grilled pork dinner. Thank you to all Veterans, past and present.

My Dad ❀

Enjoying life

Went to the store this am and the mountains β›° were just beautiful.

Just like when you own a house 🏠 you don’t always enjoy your neighbors. Well same goes for RVing, the “gentleman ” next to us, is feeding the pigeons, they eat then walk on our roof. This is driving me nuts!!!

It has been a pretty quiet week. We did finish getting the kitchen ready. Just waiting for the opening day.. November 11th we are doing a picnic, and keeping social distancing. It has been very windy and a little on the cool side, so I haven’t done much swimming lately. Right now it is sprinkling 🌧.

Looks like a whole in the sky….πŸ˜…
Here comes the sun 🌞

Halloween πŸŽƒ

This week, 2 of us are suppose to decorate a “graveyard ” and a covered wagon. The wind is so wild that if we hung anything it would just blow away! Grrr…

Blurry due to high winds
Made a little lap cover πŸ’₯

I’m getting ready to send my invites to a small group for monthly happy hour ☺ monthly drinks are Creamsicle cocktail (recipe in last blog) and one of my favorites, Blackberry Sangria. Yummy!! I’m making it cause I miss my friend Vicki and that’s what we drink when we get together ❀

I have been helping out cleaning the kitchen. Today after lunch we went to the post office. I saw a beautiful cactus 🌡 there.

David surprised me and took me to a Asian restaurant. The sushi 🍣 was incredible. Definitely will go back!

Yummy πŸ˜‹

It’s been pretty quiet lately. But on Friday the 30th I had a small get together outside. The group of us all work together on a membership only resort.

Appetizers went over big!
Plenty of food, drinks 🍸 and friends πŸ˜‹
Happy Halloween

Settling in! ahhhh

Well we have been at the resort for 4 days and have done absolutely nothing! Recharging, resting and catching up on sleep….zzzz feels great! We have been utilizing the pool too, since the temperature here has been 99 degrees.

One thing I have missed is my Keurig. Sometimes I want a cup of coffee but I don’t want to make a full pot. So today we treated ourselves and bought a Keurig that you can make a full pot or just a cup of coffee β˜• SWEET!

Well today was grocery shopping day! Phew!! It took us 3 hours and 2 different stores. We hadn’t shopped in a month, we were low on everything. Oh I did buy some liquor for special drinks…. lol. Creamsicle cocktails…. yummy πŸ˜‹

4 oz orange soda, 1 oz whipped cream vodka, 1oz vodka. Whip cream and sprinkles.
Watching the World Series

So there is Halloween πŸŽƒ going on back at home. I know my oldest granddaughter is missing her cosplay. The little Theokas clan decorated the outside with different people.

My granddaughter

A wonderful 1st week! Some swimming πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ and a little bit of helping getting the clubhouse ready to open in November. Next, Halloween πŸŽƒ appetizers and drinks 🍸 at our rig……pictures to come 😁

Oh and I started a exercise regime to get healthier. Progress made 1st week! Eating healthy, exercising, taking better care of myself and somewhere along the line I lost 4.5 lbs!! Yeah πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ and walking πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ.

Lake Havasu City!!! yeah!

The last leg of our trip! We really need some down time. Nine days going 3000 miles ……😫 We are happy and excited to be here. It is so great to see all our friends ❀ The weather is absolutely wonderful, in the 90s. Warm and dry, I really like it here!

We made a quick stop at this store, to check our jacks. The jack indicator kept beeping. We put the jacks down and up again and that seemed to solve the problem.

Fun 😁

As usual I like to take pictures πŸ“· of our travels. The hazy you see in pictures is the residual smoke from the California fires.

Beautiful landscape and colors
Going more into the mountains
A range of mountains β›°
Small hills
Some homes at the base of the mountain
Shape formations are so interesting and fascinating

We arrived and got to see friends. We got settled and went out for a drink! We celebrated that we made it here safely! Yeah!! We went to the El Paraiso Mexican restaurant, delicious πŸ˜‹

Thank you for getting us here !
Coconut πŸ₯₯ shrimp
A little of everything

After dinner we visited some friends! It was so great πŸ‘ Glad to be here!!

Crossing the Arizona line

Leaving New Mexico today and will stop about 330 miles later in Arizona. Almost at Lake Havasu City our final destination. It will be another 300 miles tomorrow but the last leg of our trip.

Miles of beautiful prairie
Mountains β›° around us
The beginning of the endless train
Can’t see the end of the prairies
A church in the middle of nowhere
A house out on the prairie
Very small community
So in awe 😍 of the size of the mountains

Most of the bridges are decorated. They are all so unique.

The colors are so warm
Black lava from a volcano years ago
So mammoth!
Indian store on route 66
Where almost there
Finally 😁❀

Today was a little bit longer than usual due to construction 🚧 delays. Glad to finally stop. We are staying in Holbrook Koa and will finish tomorrow at Lake Havasu City. Excited to be able to see everyone πŸ€—

Good night zzzzzz

New Mexico πŸ‡²πŸ‡½

Today 10/13/2020 we will be touching 3 states πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. Leaving Oklahoma, Texas and then stopping for the night in New Mexico.

Love my barns
Old barn on family farm land
Train trestle
Fields of cotton
Getting closer
Landscape starting to change
Wouldn’t be Texas without cattle 😁
Big, big, big High school football!
Old refinery
Turbine farm
Trains are very long in the west
Beautiful sculpture