Saturday Jim Beam tour🍷

We wanted to go to Jim Beam, I checked out the website. I found out I needed reservations so I suggested we go anyway and maybe someone canceled or they save some for the general public. There was 1 space at 1pm so I mentioned this and the ticket man said he will fit us in. Yeah!!

One of the original buildings on the property
Black buildings hold all the barrels of bourbon
Tour and store
Tour bus
Statute of the founder Jacob Beam
Another statute
Inside the store
Different flavors
Our tour guide
Replica of Jacob beam’s car
Grain for mash
Mash vats
Low wine – high wine stages of Distillery
Barrels being scored
Flight of bourbon
End of tour… an old Fashion

Coming back we stopped at a Mexican restaurant, late lunch/ early dinner. Yummy either way!

Salute ❀️

Missouri to Louisville, Kentucky

Milling factory
Missouri River
Illinois through the rain
I like old buildings, this one is vacant
Yeah!! Trucking on….
A lot of bridges
Coming into Louisville Kentucky
Such a different shape building

We finally got to the campground around 5pm and 413 miles later. We were pretty tired to say the least. Early night….oh no our living room slide won’t go out…grrr. Hard to find someone who can fix it on Memorial weekend. So we are living in a really small house till we get home where we will have it fix.

Kansas to Missouri

Continued on I 70

Today we did about 300 miles. We settled in a campground in Columbia Missouri. Cottonwood rv park cute small, and staff very friendly. Didn’t get alot of pictures, the weather didn’t cooperate, it rained about 3/4 th of the trip. Oh well 🌧

Lot of pasture land
Beautiful farms
I think every town has a water tower
Missouri River

Another night closer to New Hampshire and a 3 day weekend in Kentucky. Headed to Louisville, I’m excited to go to the bat museum and factory.

Leaving Colorado and headed to Kansas

Today was our longest drive so far, 343 miles. I am so tired and really need a few days for down time. Unfortunately I forgot this weekend Memorial weekend and I’m aging a hard time finding a place to stay. Grrrr! Tomorrow is a 299 mile trek and we do have reservations. Phew 😊

Scenery… farms!
Yeah… Kansas!
Make a wish πŸ’•
Clouds looking like rain
Raining on the way πŸ˜ͺ

The last hour of the long, long 434 mile drive it rained. I didn’t take many pictures today cause I spent most of the ride looking for a place to stay in or near Louisville, Kentucky. 😭 no luck…

Tonight we are staying at the Salina KOA and have changed the zone time…central time. It is raining and sound awesome on the roof…. zzzz.


Continuing to go through Colorado, today was a short mileage day, 265 miles but still timely due to the mountains. Silt going to Limon, KOA and continuing to follow I 70.

As a RVers you try to avoid tunnels so it seems funny when you have to go through one.
Last time I was in Vail, Colorado was 40 years ago
Ski area
Vail village
Snow dusting
Wow !!
Eisenhower tunnel

We finally stopped at the Limon KOA and had a welcome committee 😊❀️

Utah … Colorado

1st time on rte 70, a beautiful scenic ride.

Following I 70
On the Utah highway
So beautiful
Feeling small
The terrain changed
Colorado River

We end about 4:00 pm at the Glenwood springs KOA in Silt, Colorado. We did about 290 miles and as usual early bedtime 😊

On the way home.. Utah

We started in Las Vegas and finally stopped in Richfield KOA. Friendly and easy on easy off of I 70.

Blur on right is dust devil
Snow capped mountains

Settled in at Richfield KOA, made supper and early bed. Off to Colorado tomorrow.

Flying to Seattle…

Phew!! What a long day….we were up and ready for the shuttle at 5:45 am. 6:00 am the shuttle came to transfer us to airport. We were in line to check our luggage in when they said we were 7 lbs over and so that is a $100. I now am on the floor with 2 suitcases rearranging the clean and dirty clothes, shoes, photo albums, pills and any thing else that will all give us the desired weight. That took 20 to 25 minutes. Good thi g we left early. Now back into line 15 minutes and next of course security 1 hour it is now a little after 8 am.

Now all I want is a cup of coffee. So we stop at this Cafe at the airport only to find out it’s Vegan. We have a cinnamon roll and 2-3 cups of coffee. Off we flew right on time. The plane was completely full, I sat in row 23 and David sat in row 25 thank goodness it was smooth, short flight.

On the way to the airport
Airport Tower
Ted Steven Anchorage international Airport

The flight went pretty well with just very slight tuberlence. Next we went to get the rv. Yeah everything was in its right place. We cooled the inside and off we went to Sam’s town rv park for the night. We were going the next morning but I didn’t feel up to par with a summer cold. So we decided to stay an extra 2 nights. Good thing for David didn’t feel up for it either. Well it’s Saturday and both of us are going to bed early to get an early start in the morning.

Back at home Evelyn and Adam go to their 1st Father and Daughter dance.

My loves πŸ’•

Tomorrow we are leaving for New Hampshire.

Anchorage by train…

Today we start our 2 day trek to Las Vegas. We will be taking a 7 hour railroad ride to Anchorage where we will spend the night. I am excited to see Peanut. In pictures he looks a little thinner.

Our train
Little houses
View of Anchorage from our balcony

After a long day we went out for a bite to eat…. The Brewhouse.

A cocktail
Awesome seafood chowder
Blackened Cod
Shrimp and grits

Tomorrow flying to Seattle…..✈️

Denali National Park

Today we are taking a 4 1/2 hour bus tour of Denali National Park.

Ethan was Alaskan native and he gave us the history and importance of the moose to his tribe.

Unfortunately due to the clouds, fog and snow we didn’t get to see Denali completely.

It started to snow and so it was time to head back. Later in the evening we went to a show, The music of Denali.

The troup

Heading to Anchorage in the morning β€οΈπŸš‰ by train.