Onward Missouri

Woke up early to the smell of fresh ground coffee that hubby was making. Time to walk the dog and when I went out a beautiful hawk or falcon was just sitting there high in the treetops.

Hawk or falcon? My cousin told me it’s a Mississippi Kite! Beautiful!

Since we have a down day we decided to have a big breakfast of homefries and omelets. Yummmy!! Later laundry is on the agenda.

It was a well worth down day. We just chilled in the RV all day. In the afternoon we relaxed by taking a nap. I made an oriental stir fry with rice noodles for dinner. It was pretty yummmy if I do say so.

I finally got the phone call I was waiting for, the campground for Saturday night. It has been a little more challenging getting reservations during this period of covid 19. Private campgrounds all seem to be closed. It has been a little more expensive staying at the KOAs but at least they are open. Another challenge was some didn’t want a 1 night reservation especially on the weekend. Most of the KOAs have been understanding about us trying to get home and made accommodations for us. On the other hand when I made reservations on line, the next day they called and canceled them. SMH David says jello baby jello! RVing plans are made in jello.

Today is Tuesday, up early, coffee, a little breakfast and then on are way towards Missouri! We are getting closer!

Refinery along the way
The clouds are so beautiful
A mall under tents
The City sadly I don’t remember which one. Lol
Architecture of state bird…scissor- tailed flycatcher
Dead silent, an amusement park 😪
Traveling through Stroud…
Missouri…yeah, a state closer
Time for afternoon cocktails on Cinco de mayo!
Corn chips and salsa

Time to relax then we’re going to order dinner! Mexican food of course and they will even deliver!

Beef, chicken and shrimp fajitas! Rice and refried beans.

While I was eating I looked out the window and there are geese walking around.

Simple and pretty

Tomorrow we are off to cross the rest off Missouri then on to Illinois!

Day 4 Oklahoma

I can tell we are going further eastward, there is more grass!! There are also more cattle farms. Phew it’s in the air. Lol Again the land is very flat and you can see for miles.

Today we are traveling from Tucumcari NM to Elk city OK where we will be stopping for the next 2 days. Definitely needed down time. We have traveled 1250 miles so far, averaging 250 to 300 miles a day.

Today we had a little scare when the pavement was uneven due to construction. We went a little sideways, a thank you to my husband, who was driving and slowly made the correction. We were only doing 55 mph, so all you RVers be careful when traveling this summer. There is alot of road construction!!

These are some of my scenic pictures taken along the way.

Leaving New Mexico
Wind turbines in the fields
Cattle country
Grain silos
Lots of train yards
A peace symbol in the middle of the field
Hundreds of rolls of hay
A large cross at Inspiration Rest Stop
Leaning water tower

The rest of the ride to the campground was uneventful. Now 2 days of rest!! Much needed!! Oh on Tuesday we will be heading to Missouri.

Moving along day 3

Today we continued across New Mexico. We did about 250 miles, we did stop once for lunch for about half an hour. We have reservations in Tucumari NM. It continues to be hot here at 93 degrees. Leftovers for dinner.

I’m fascinated with the Mesas and buttes.
I love the rock formations and the colors of them.
Get your kicks on route 66
Bridges are beautifully decorated
You can see for miles and miles
So very white!
Country side

We leave about 8:30 am every morning so we can stop around 2-3 pm. The last 2 KOAs had food you could order which makes things really easy for dinner. On our way to Oklahoma!!

Heading to New Hampshire day 2

I’m so excited to be heading back home. I started to notice the landscape changing the land is becoming flatter. As we enter New Mexico the colors become soft pinks, and rustic reds.

Trains! Long length trains!
The rock formations are so beautiful
Somethings are just amusing! Geronimo!!
Solar farms along the way
Crossing the Continental divide
Awesome! The black rocks are hardened lava

As we came into the camping park we saw a dust devil! Pretty exciting however I couldn’t get the camera out in time to get a picture.

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be traveling home. We stay in the RV as much as possible even the campgrounds don’t want you to come in the office. Everything is done on line. We don’t socialize with anyone and have been cooking in the RV instead of call take out.

Headed HOME!!!

I don’t usually post anything religious so I don’t want to offend anyone. I did find this spiritual at a time when sleep doesn’t come easy. When our thoughts don’t shut down but run on and on. Worrying is common and the new “norm “. We are holding on to anything that keeps us grounded, makes sense and we can control. I wish peace of mind and calmness to all of you.

I am anxious and excited to be heading home. I miss my family!! Last night I didn’t sleep very well, I think the thoughts of leaving are on my mind. We will be leaving on Thursday morning with Flagstaff being our 1st stop.

Tuesday night we had a good bye dinner with all us volunteers. It was was bittersweet after working together for the last 6 months. Wonderful new friendship were made, so until next winter have a good summer everyone and see you in October!

A Italian dinner! Yummmy!!
Waiting to see my mother ❤
Excited to see my granddaughter ❤
Excited to see my family!!

Well it is finally the day!! We are off, making it about 200 miles the 1st day. We stopped in Flagstaff for the night then on to Grants, NM.

Pictures on the way to Flagstaff from Lake Havasu City.

Saying goodbye to our friends!
Still fascinated with cactus especially when they have flowers.
Looks like a giant golf ball
Yes that is snow!! From 100+ to snow in the mountains.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Grants, New Mexico. Enjoying the scenery along the way. Only a little disappointed that our 5-6 week touring the states on the way home was canceled. Oh well, next fall or next year. David says fulltime rving plans are like written in jello! 😂

Week 6 …. I want to go home!!!

Had a surprise visitor the other day! She made me a miniature cactus garden. I could not have been happier! 🌵 I was looking at the nursery for one similar but they didn’t have any. I want to leave Arizona with a little cactus so this was a perfect gift to me! So thankful ❤

Small cactus garden

It has been a wonderful week full of surprises. I got a video call from my youngest granddaughter. We talked a played around for about 20 minutes. Before she hung up she reminded me her Birthday was April 22nd. She sure makes me smile 😃

Goofing around!

David and I even sent our oldest granddaughter a goofy picture to make her smile. Yes you do find silly things to do when you are self quarantine.


Golfing is still allowed in Arizona. You each have a golf cart and are only allow 1 at a time on the green. These pictures are from David golfing this week.

From the golf course

I finally finished painting the wall. I feel it came out pretty well. I’m happy with it. The resort is closing half the park on May 1st, so we will be heading home!!! I am so happy, I am ready ❤

We went to Mexico to get David’s medication 3 hour drive, 45 min meds pick up then 3 hours back. Wore masks the whole time. Nobody was there maybe half a dozen people. These pictures are from coming and going from Yuma.

Colorado River
Cactus in bloom
The desert is so beautiful!
Southwestern colors!
I will miss this beauty.

Keeping busy!!

Still maintaining…

We are still on a holding self quarantine pattern. Although we have gotten the RV ready to travel. All we have left is to get the camry ready by getting the oil changed. We are using up everything we can in the fridge over the last 2 weeks. So some of my post are a little of this and that.

Like most of us sometimes take out means date night!
My son is a meat cutter and still working. Thank you Adam ❤
Almost done!
Killing germs, flu, and viruses from inside out. 😁

Today we went to a nursery to look for a road runner. Pictures of the nursery, it was great no one there!

Found my roadrunner, yeah!!
Lawn ornaments
All kinds of plants
I really like the cactus

David went to the little store down the hill. When he came out he saw the beauty of nature.

Starting week 5.. Easter ❤

Happy Easter! Starting week 5 and still self quarantine and masked if we go out to the grocery store. My wonderful husband made me a special Easter breakfast!! He is doing everything in his power to make things more normal. Especially giving me little surprises like the special breakfast. It is a quiche made with peppers, onions, ham, sharp cheddar cheese and a hashbrown crust. Yummmy!!

Special Easter breakfast!

Today we had a little cabin fever so we got in the car and took a ride. Went to the post office then to drop off the rest of the tax papers. We decided to pick up some Mexican food, they even had Margaritas to go. We went to Rotary park along the lake, it was absolutely wonderful, Quiet and relaxing.

Mountains beautiful!
Boats on the lake
Cold water!
The Mural
Filling in the pots!

I probably will finish the wall within the next couple of days! Then I’ll work in the RV getting it ready to leave for NH!!!!

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Today my day off, I went to my happy place, painting the mural. I am about 1/2 way done. I’m really enjoying doing this mural. It gives me quiet time.

I changed the pot color from hot pink to brown, now more in the southwest theme
Cactus between the kokopelli
Painted 3rd cactus today
Painting this cactus today
Glad I’m keeping busy!

Tuesday I will be showing someone else how and what to do in the housekeeping position.

I know we are in the 4th week but we need to keep strong. I have been doing this by painting the mural. David has been cleaning and rearranging cabinets in the RV.

What are you doing to keep busy and sane? Be safe!!

Week 4 How much longer??? Grrrr

Got up this morning and I must say a little discouraged and I know David is getting bored too. This is incredible, it is very tiresome being upbeat all the time. I did really good till today but then I looked out my window and saw these beautiful flowers. It lifted my spirits to see the beauty around us. Staring us in the face, another reason to be grateful.

Spent some time painting some more. The wall is about half done now!

Female Kokopelli
Male kokopelli

Pictures of tonight’s pink supermoon.

We got all our work done early for it is going to rain. The wind is brutal today. A big rain storm is coming our way, you can actually see it in the distance. In the pictures the tree branches are really bending.

Phew … ..

I took these pictures only a hour before it was so calm. Such a difference.

The sky was so blue and calm
Beauty in nature

After the storm 😀

Now finishing the evening with The Masked Singer!