What’s in store now???

We got a call last night to sit for the grandkids in the morning. So off we started. Our daughter in law has been hard working on her gardening.

Front yard

The 1st day of summer just passed. I have been kept quite busy by helping my 87 years young Mother. Doing yard work and helping her getting rid alot of collected items that no longer function. Phew!!! I have been able to visit in between cleaning, hubby and I have date days!!! On date days we go exploring the state of NH. Funny I’ve lived most of my life in NH and are still discovering new things about it!

Last night we took my Mom out to eat. We went to the Athen in Manchester NH. It was wonderful and the food was great! Yummmy!

David and I had lamb garnished
Mom had an Athen salad

Last year we bought our granddaughter a big bike for her birthday. Well the bike had an accident when it got ran over. So she has been riding this very small bike. It just happened that I went to the Marketplace on line and found a bike. So happiness is seeing our granddaughter smile!! πŸ₯°

She was so excited about her new bike. Her Dad and her went on a 4 mile ride today! They even stopped for ice cream 🍦yummmy!

Daddy and Evelyn’s bikes

Between us RVing and covid I haven’t seen some of my sisters for 10 to 12 months. Today I got to see my youngest sister!!!

Wednesday I took my Mother and my Aunt to lunch at The LaBelle. We started with tasting session and then lunch at their Bistro.

LaBelle winery
Grape leaves
The vineyard
Drinks and lunch
After dinner
Outside dining
Jane, Linda and Lorraine
A great time!!

Summer is hot! hot! hot!

Father’s Day celebrating at our son Adam’s house. It was a feast, steak tips lobster, swordfish, potato salad, macaroni salad and sweet corn. Of course there was Adult beverages. Yummmy 🍷🦞

Steak tips and lobsters for Fathers Day….. yummmy!
❀Brenden and Casey newly engaged ❀
Headed out for a bike ride

Last night we decided to just go for drinks and a bite to eat. We went to Martha’s exchange on main st of Nashua NH.  Drinks were good, nachos ok, we got spoiled in Arizona with real Mexican food. The haddock we both had was really good.  Of course the hubby’s company was wonderful!

Yesterday Wednesday we got to see our oldest granddaughter. We went to a Japanese restaurant, Sakura in Nashua NH. I was so thrilled to see her!

So beautiful ❀
Summer haircut πŸ’‡β€β™‚οΈ
Today’s project washing my Mom’s floor. Left side dirty and right side clean.
A clean floor yeah!!!

What a day!!

What a day! It started by going to Goffstown for my granddaughter’s “home” graduation. She was adorable! Her parents made it such a special day for her.

Getting ready with Daddy
Mommy helping to get ready
Grandma Masse
Grandpa Masse and brother Dylan
Pa Thomas
Start of the March
Rushing the entrance
Her friend Patrick
Pledge of allegiance
The graduates
New 1st grade student πŸŽ“
Art work
The presenting of the diplomas
Congratulations !!!
Congratulations !!!
Memere and Pa
The whole gang!!

After we went to Dylan’s birthday party at Laura and Adam’s house we stayed about an hour and half then on to the 3rd party…..phew.

What 16!!! Already??
Happy Birthday
Opening cards 😁
Mom and Linzi (godmother)
Hello Ian great to see you!

The 3rd party was with my Aunt Irene, my cousins Sharon and Christopher. It was a wonderful time! We talk, had drinks, ate delicious food and swam on a hot day of 93 degrees.

Silliness 🀩

Driving home the sky was beautiful.

End of a great day! Good night!


To all Dads…Happy Fathers Day!
Flowers I did for my grandfather’s grave for Father’s Day

My mother had an old deacon bench. So I decided to spruce it up with a new coat of paint. You can you see the old faded rust color on the legs?

Done! white paint
Added a little decoration
Up close of detailing

Thursday was a wonderful visiting day! We went to my Niece’s house to have closed door visit. My Mom and I saw her 5 week old baby.

Put up Mom’s patio set
Treated myself!!

Date day….lake region.

Today we decided to go to the lake region in New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee!

Large Lincoln logs 😁

When we go to Meredith we always eat lunch at Harts Turkey farm …yummmy. A couple of white wines, a turkey dinner, all homemade and all the fixings too.

Turkey appetizers
Cheese, crackers and pretzels
Yummmy turkey and stuffing
Even the weather vane is a turkey.

After lunch a ride was in order. We went around lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith and Alton bay.

Meredith outlet
Around Meredith
An Antique Shop
One lane wooden bridge
Boat cruise station
Yacht club
Summer on its way
Ellacoya state park
High on the mountain
Alton bay
Drinks on the deck
Center of town
Beautiful steeples

Started to head back home…..

Lawn ornaments
Winery in Lee NH
Time for a tasting!
Sip of wine?
Beauty around the vineyard
Unique shrubs
Acres of grape vines

The night ended with dinner from Panera soup and salad. Another great date!! Thank you to my husband ❀❀

What’s happening… ??

A wonderful surprise visit! A visit from Christopher! He was so happy with his new glasses and t shirt πŸŽ‰

Congratulating Katie and Johnathan on their new house! Fun!fun!fun!
Baltimore Oriole
Missing my BFF 🍷❀
Beautiful clouds today
Working on today project, painting the bench white.
Decorative planter

Date day…Portsmouth

This weeks date we went to Portsmouth NH. Absolutely wonderful!

Narrow streets, cozy…
Ride to Rye
The harbor
Old Portsmouth Naval prison
Portsmouth Naval shipyard
Sites from Four Tree Island
Coast Guard ships
Statue overlooks harbor

After our ride around Portsmouth we went along the water and found a outdoor restaurant.

The River House

Started off with drinks…yummmy! Then the best seafood chowder I have had in a long time. Delicious lobster on a grilled brioche roll. Totally awesome!

Outdoor dining
The salt pile view from the restaurant.

After lunch we walked around Portsmouth shopping in all the beautiful little boutiques.

Beautiful flowers in front of a shop
Side street
Final stop

We finished the day with drinks and bang bang shrimp. A great day!!!

Everyday life…

Missing baseball!! ⚾️

Continuing to watch the birds.

Downy woodpecker
Robin taking a bath

Took a ride thru Nashua and found some unusual murals  and beautiful buildings.

Grandmemere visiting the great grandbabies

Great grandmere and great grandson
A statue in Nashua
Center of Hudson NH

Another wonderful week!

A day off…

Today June 2 was a date day!! So much fun day! Start off with golfing then seafood at the beach. Finishing the day with a ride along the coast.

Hubby ❀
Me πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ
Golf course landscape
A sign of New England! One for a ride to the beach!
5 minutes to the beach….yeah!
Low tide
Ahhhhhh seafood!
Fried oysters and onion rings
View from our table
Low tide
Lobsta .. yummmy!
Atlantic ocean

A great day!!! On the way home we stopped at the Lindt outlet ahhh yummmy chocolate ❀ I love truffles!

Yard work…

Today was a full day. Shopping at Home depot then work around the house. I pressure washed the patio. Planted more flowers in blue pots. Fixed and painted a bird bath and finally I made supper with some help from hubby.

A chow mein
Rice noodles
Crunchy chow mein noodles

Riding downtown and noted all the outside dining.

Landmarks from around Nashua NH.

It was great to finally being able to have dinner with the Large Theokas clan. Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and bbq sauce. Corn on the cob and handmade onion rings. Yummmy!

Growing so much taller!
Love transformers like his dad!
My daughter in law enjoying the day
Yummmy homemade onion rings!

With the covid 19 the only way she can hold her great grandbabies! ❀

Great grandbabies ❀

Pictures from around the yard.

New rug new dining area
Yellow finch
Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal
Rhododendrons starting to bloom
Huge blossoms this year
Irises coming up