Deerfield Fair…..

One room school house
Petting goats
Feeding goats
Watching the horse show
Pony rides are always fun 🐎
Colorful chickens
Beautiful roosters
Bubble gum ice cream….yummy
1st roller-coaster ride
Medium roller-coaster ride
1st time on a ferris wheel
Ferris wheel

The end of a beautiful and fun day!!

King RichardFaire…

Sunday was a such a fun day, family time!!! I always want to go to the King Richard Faire!! Drank and ate alot too!!

I’m ready to go!!!

King and Queen of the Faire
Hats, Hats and more Hats!!!
1st ice water dip
Wax dip
Lunchtime… yummy
Chowder bowl
The Mudshow
The wenches show

It was such a fun day!! Thank you!!!

Visiting the small Theokas clan

Other granddaughter

We finally arrived, got settled and took a nap. We had a great chicken stir fry with quinoa for dinner then a surprise! Cake and ice cream for my birthday 🥳🎉. After dessert, Laura and Evelyn built an oreo haunted house…

Such a surprise!
Can we eat it Evelyn?
New gym outfit ❤
#5 my grandson Dylan

My other granddaughter.. Oriana

Time for gymnastics

Mushrooms in the middle of the front yard
David teasing Evelyn
Drinking chocolate milk
Chicken and cheese quesadilla
Chicken fajitas
Crab enchiladas
Dessert Ben and Jerry

Our week end by going to my daughter in law grandmother’s memorial service Fern Jones. It was a beautiful service with a reception after.

My small Theokas clan ❤

Our 1st week …. next week getting ready to leave 😪

Mom’s house

A week at Mom’s house

A cute little bunny in the yard
Painted her bench
Decorative hand painting

Headed out to the Glendi in Manchester on Saturday.

Live Greek music
Holly, Seth, Dana and Sebastián
My boys!! Adam and Seth ❤
Break time
Chef Seth!
Sky coming home

Sunday. We finished off the week having dinner at my brother’s house. Incredible time, not only appetizers but a completely gourmet meal. Mashed potatoes, garlic sautéed broccoli and chicken saltimbocca and to finish it all off Bev made a homemade banana cream pie!! Everything was delicious!!

Last few days 🤣

Time goes fast and on Monday we are headed to my mom’s house for a few days. In the mean time…..

Making slippers
Made the track team
Lunch with Seth
Front yard visitor

Today is always better than Christmas!!! It’s my birthday ❤ We are on our way to the Hampton Seafood festival….yummy!!

Vendors.. yummy
Listening to the band

After the seafood festival we went to the Chester Town Fair!

Grilled peppers and onions
Band MO Bounce

Wrapping up the time with the large clan by having a birthday dinner. I love my family ❤

Esai, Nolan, Oriana, Sebastián

Leaving Monday to head toward my Mother’s house for a few days.

Canobie lake amusement park 🎡

Went to the old post restaurant for breakfast and this was parked in front.


Next on the agenda was Canobie lake park!!

Views from the sky ride
Canobie lake in the background
Train ride
Caterpillar ride
Sky ride view
Hold on Sebastián!!
Break time.. yummy
Flume ride

A wonderful day having fun with the family!! ❤🎡

2nd week at the large Theokas clan…

Supper tonight…yummy. Campers potatoes, garlic and ginger green beans, scallops and steaks.

Supper !!!

Crazy!! Peanut had a vet appointment on Friday 3rd so we stopped by Adams House to pick up Mail and David’s new sneakers. While we were there we noticed a new truck in the driveway. Congratulations Adam!!

Beautiful 🛻

The boys had the day off from school so it was adventure time. We went to a trampoline studio!

A fun day for everyone. After we went to Hayward ice cream…yummy!

Saturday Adam brought Evelyn over and it was getting toward supper time so we went out to eat Mexican.

My family…miss ya Laura ❤
Dessert Churrios!

Great week and tomorrow Canobie Lake amusement park!!!

The large Theokas clan

Friday we arrived at Seth’s house. We were so lucky he made a large dinner! Bbq ribs, cole slaw, corn bread and one of my favorites, macaroni and cheese…yummy!

Sebastián and I played a game of life today! He was lucky he won! Saturday 4 of us went to The Red Diner for dinner.

Nolan my grandson making faces.. smh!
Seth my son ❤
Grrrr… such a happy face???

Sunday off and on rain… sleepy. Even the dogs are sleepy.


Got a surprise call to play golf yesterday with my son. I had a great time 🏌‍♀️⛳ It was also 1st day of school.

Evelyn my granddaughter
Dylan my grandson

We were so lucky to see Sebastián practice soccer.

Proud Dad

It has been a great 1st week at the large Theokas clan.

Finishing in the RV…

We are all cleaned up from the pod. We had few errands to run and came across some wild turkeys.

Poor bird he has a broken foot
Quite a flock!

Sunday we headed out to Newfield, NH to meet up with David’s brother and Lynn his wife. We are staying at the Great Bay campground. We were just chillin before dinner!


Wednesday Lynn and I took a “girls ” day! Mani/pedis, lunch and some shopping. Back home it was chocolatinis!!🍸

Lunch at the River house
Afternoon cocktails
Fish tacos
Chicken walnut and Cranberry wrap
Lunch on the water
Absolutely beautiful day!
Hmm company for lunch
Afternoon cocktails…..yummy

Chicken Alfredo and cards for the evening. It was such a fun time and a great Day! Thanks Lynn!! ❤

Today is our 37th Anniversary ❤🎉💒 Wonder what adventuring we will do today? 😁

Today was low keyed, we went to the Lindt outlet and bought some truffles. We also stopped at the bakery, bought a blueberry pie for tonight’s dessert. Finally we picked up some corn on the cob.

We started by having Jim and Lynn over for appetizers. Dinner was awesome campers potatoes, fresh tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad, a delicious porterhouse steaks with mushrooms and onions.

Friday is bitter sweet…we have had such a wonderful week visiting but it’s coming to an end. We will be heading to Seth’s house next! The adventure continues….😁

Pod craziness week

It has been a crazy week. The pod was delivered and in 2 day we separated what is being sold in a yard sale, and what we are keeping and being put into another storage unit. Original pod was 8 X 12 and we are downsizing again to a 5 X 10. At times it was hard, like I saved every card anyone gave me for 40 years. Throwing them away was like throwing a sentiment piece of me away too. Downsizing from the original Downsizing was just plain hard!

Entertainment while working….lol

Well the pod is just about cleared and we still have a few more things to put in the storage unit and give things to the good will.

During the weekend we had a dinner with the whole family and friends. Wyatt was visiting from Wyoming so we had to make sure he had his New England lobsta!🦞

Small celebration of being done! Florentine eggs Benedict…yummy!

It took us a week to get everything done. Pod gone! New unit packed! Dump run done! Ori’s things delivered! Now to start working in the RV….phew.