Hanging around….

Some of the things I did this week. I 1st got a new tattoo then I went out to lunch. I found out corned beef nachos are awesome! Of course red ale goes with nacho!!

Phoenix with my sons names
Beer battered onion rings… so good!
Corned beef nachos
Irish red ale 🍺

While out an about we saw a parachuter. Pretty cool.

Parachuter (white bubble)

I had a little time so I started a new wall mural.

Cherry Blossom tree

Next I’ll be on my way to Mexico to have some dental work done.

Mardi Gras .. πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚

We love Mardi Gras and so we were very fortunate that the resort let us plan a evening of fun! There was Cajun music and everyone dressed up!

Decorated beautiful!

Dinner was great with Gumbo, sausage and dirty rice After! Yummy!!After dinner there was a Mardi Gras parade!!

After the parade we cut the King cake and had coffee and dessert!! Yummy!!

I got the baby!!!

Everyone had a good time and it was a lot of fun dinner πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸ₯‚

Everyday living….

My week has quiet but interesting. First I finished the wall mural of kokopelli dancing and making music.

Music around the fire

We tried a new restaurant for lunch. Ahhhh a glass of Merlot. We ended up having all you can eat soup and salad. It was just right!


On Monday I’m getting a new tattoo similar to the one below with my sons name on it too.

Went out to eat with friends! I enjoy there company so much! Always a good time!

Mango margaritas
Photo bombed !…lol
Raspberry kamikaze shots….yummy!

End of a good week!!

Be my Valentine?

A busy week this with the Valentine Dinner Dance πŸ’• We will be serving shrimp or beef, salad and dessert.

The equipment truck left Boston going to Fort Myers!
Sunset one evening this week

You definitely have to have a hobby when you RV. So I have been latch hooking a rug. All I have left to do is the binding and the backing.

Keeping busy

I worked serving dinner at a Valentine Dinner Dance. The food was delicious shrimp or beef entrée, salad, red velvet cake for dessert. The dance was wonderful I got to slow dance with hubby ❀

Manager great organizer of the Valentine Dinner Dance
Tonight’s entertainment
Alisha joining in!
I won one of the raffles, yahooo!

What’s going on?

In June we are going to be staying at a campground Fish n fry. In Havasu City we were on the Highway and saw this, the owner’s truck…lol.

Lol.. owner winters in Havasu πŸ˜€

Date night was close to home. Just went to the local watering hole.

Mexican appetizers
$5 Caribbean drinks

Things have been very quiet here so I have been planning our itinerary home. I have 2 campgrounds booked and working on 3 more.

Super Bowl game was watched with just a small group.

How RVers arrive
More arrive
TV set up in the cabana
Snacks and food
Super Bowl squares
And it begins!
Grilled hot dogs
Getting money for winning a square
We live our Gronk and Brady
The Goat !!

It was a fun evening since I was the only one routing for Tampa. Everyone else wanted Kansas to win.

One day at a time…

Covid has changed even full-time RVing. You still need to mask and keep social distancing. One plus is that you can at least be outside. About once a week we go out for lunch or dinner. Tonight we went to Juicy’s for all you can eat fish fry. I must say it was the best fish we have had since leaving New Hampshire.


My phone has slowly been dying, so today we got new Samsung S21. Wow 5G what a difference!! Now to learn all the new buttons. πŸ“²

Romance is in the air. I like that we still have dates and do little things for each other. This week my hubby brought me a surprise. Flowers πŸ’–

I love lilies!

If you have been reading my blogs you know I like to do crafts. I’ve been making throws for some friends but now I’m hooking a rug

Hummingbirds and flowers

Saturday a small group got together to listen to some music, have drinks and appetizers. Dancing also was going on!

Looking dapper!

Another full week! I love this retirement life! πŸš™

Retirement happiness

Well the cook, is under the weather and is quarantined. His wife too is quarantined. This gave David and I an opportunity to step up and cook. David did a great job cooking breakfast, I cooked supper, crispy chicken, scalloped potatoes and sautΓ©ed zucchini, summer squash and onions. We were both nervous yet we got through the day. I was also lucky to have Marie and David to help me cook. Even our boss Annette waited on tables.

Well we are almost done for the week just dinner. Country fried steak, garlic mash potatoes and corn with brown gravy. Then big boy breakfast, Friday morning and we are done. Full crew back on Tuesday!!!! Yeah!!!

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Day date 1/18… golfing

We started the day date by golfing 9 holes at the Bridgewater Links Golf Course. There was practically nobody there so it only took us an hour and half to golf 9 holes.

Apartments skirting the course
Lake Havasu in the background
Townhouses along the edge
Long grass along the way
Coots a bird in the duck family
Rolling fairways
My new driver cover
19th hole view
Drink please

The sky at sunset going home, just beautiful ❀

Another wonderful date day with my husband. Being a little sentimental, I do so enjoy his company even after 36 years ❀

Life goes on….

Back home Evelyn takes jiu-jitsu lessons. Today she received 2 tips on her white belt. Proud memere and Pa!!! You go girl!! ❀

Congratulations Evelyn!πŸ₯‹

Well today 1/16 I started to make our summer plans going back to New Hampshire. We will be heading towards Las Vegas on the 1st of May then to the Grand canyon and Sedona area for about 2 weeks. Hopefully we will take the train ride to the Grand canyon and a helicopter ride through the canyon. Then we will be going to Utah which includes Bryce canyon, Zion and the Arches. Only 30 miles from the Arches is the Wave and today I put in for lottery tickets to visit the Wave. They only allow a specific number of visitors per day and it is all done by lottery. I put in for the maximum 3 days, my fingers are crossed.

After visiting Utah we will be going to Wyoming to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone Park. We then spend 2 weeks at Fish n’ Fry in South Dakota to relax, and to visit ou friends. Finally in Rapid city we will join the Winnebago group for a tour of the badlands. We should arrive in New Hampshire the 2 to 3rd week of July. An so our summer will begins.

We are going to try to go to Maine to visit my sister and go to Bar Harbor if time and money allows us…..😁

I seem to be more into football lately so tonight David and I went to the local bar, Blondies to watch the game. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers against the Saints.

Tomorrow is Date day!!

Day date to Topock

Today we took a ride to have lunch at the Topock restaurant. *Beware some pictures might be offensive to some but they are novelties. * It was a fun day and only 25 miles away.

Scenery on the way
Passing train
Arrived at the restaurant
Famous Route 66
View from the deck
Seats on the deck
Hubby looking at the menu
Inside walls
Chicken nachos with homemade chips
Huge nachos
Bird right at our window
Old fashion bridge
Pool at the restaurant
Trash can
Mens bathroom
Across the street
Heading home Colorado River
Heading home

It was really wonderful to get out and go to lunch! Especially with my husband ❀