We took a night to go into Vegas. We decided to go to RuPaul drag race…..🤣🤣🤣

Driving into Las Vegas
Big hotels
Drinks with my sister last trip to Vegas
Ferris Wheel
Side of building
Show girl costumes
Cast member
MC … Ginger

A wonderful time tonight with my love!!

Las Vegas another fun day!

Last night we went to the Golden Corral and also saw the large water park along the way


Today we went out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!🥳

Center of the bar
Chicken nachos
Flaming fajitas!!
Handsome hubby ❤️

Another great day! Tomorrow we get ready to leave….

Las Vegas here we come… ðŸŽ²ðŸƒ

Leaving Yuma and onward to Las Vegas. It started off a little rough. We had a hard time loading the car on the dolley. Then we heard a scraping noise and pulled over to find a metal plate ??? Where it came from?

Leaving Yuma
Going to Vegas 🎲
Decorative walls along the highway

We finally got settled in. Tuesday was a down day… Haha. David want to go exploring, so off we went….. pinball hall of Fame. So much fun and there is NO admission fee. Just bring your quarters, games are about 50 to 75 cents a play.

Large warehouse of pinball machines
David playing a game
Playing baseball
Old pinball machines
Time for late lunch
Pok chops, shrimp
Chicken Pho….yummy

A great day, tomorrow another adventure ❤️

Wedding Day 💒

Wine ready
Veggie platter done
White wine and fruit salad ready!

Salute! To Donna Larry ❤️
Father and son waiting for the bride!
Beautiful balloons
Loren the Justice of the Peace
Me at the welcome table
Waiting for the bride❤️
Disc Jockey
Beautiful Bride
Happy Bride
Bride walking down the aisle
The wedding ceremony
1st dance
Carrie and Jerry
A Wonderful couple 😁

It was a beautiful, wonderful wedding. Full of friends, dancing and great food. Thank you Donna and Larry for including us. It is bitter sweet for we are leaving in the morning for Las Vegas. The next adventure….

Wedding day countdown ðŸ’’

More behind the scenes. 2 days till the wedding

Spinach salad
Potatoes and veggie platter
Relish dish and fruit basket fixings
More fruit!!

More pictures from behind the scenes ❤️ 1 day before the wedding..

Wine basket
Bonnie fixing Veggie platters
Donna Working on the fruit baskets
Marsha making Watermelon balls

Some friends putting the last touches on the tables

Decorated hall….beautiful ❤️

Basket for cards
Heart for guests to sign
Welcoming table
Picture station
Cake table
Coffee table

Back at the house guest have arrived and a happy hour was in progress. It gave everyone a chance to catch up….

More family
Bevin and me
Larry (groom)
Donna (bride) and me

Tomorrow is the big day, The Wedding 💒

Last week…..

Wedding this weekend

Sunday was Greek Orthodox Easter. Back in New England, the extended family hosted a wonderful day. Lamb was cooked by my 2 sons, Seth and Adam. 🐰🐑

Prepping the lamb
Let the cooking begin.
Making tiganites.. yummy
Cooking the tiganites
Best way to eat them with feta!!
Seth the cook
The cook, butcher cutting up the lamb….
A wonderful son, Adam and his beautiful wife, Laura…
The best…Family ❤️

More on the pre wedding set up! Looking so beautiful!

Haircut done!
Pedicure done!
Manicure done!

Our time is coming to a end here in Yuma AZ. Thursday we cleaned all the outdoor rugs and furniture and sun dried everything…lol. Friday we’ll put everything away. Saturday secure everything. Sunday help out with last minute errands. Wedding at 3pm. I’ll get to dance with my pizzaman..❤️❤️❤️ Monday we are off to Las Vegas 🎊🥳

Leaving Yuma…. 😁

We have 9 days left in Yuma az. Our next stop is Las Vegas!!!

Pre wedding
Beautiful decorations from the ceiling

Today we went to Mexico for medications and fish tacos. Then we went to Best Buy for Memory card, memory stick and a firestick. Prior we took a ride through the desert…beautiful!

Small Chapel on a hill
Razors on the dunes
Mexican wall from the California’s side
Barriers so dune buggies don’t cross the highway
Beautiful dunes
Felicity population 2 😁
Center of the world
Leaving the desert

In one week the wedding. Then Las Vegas 😊

Fun with family….

My son Adam
Out to breakfast
Someone got a new bike for her birthday

A real surprise a trip to the beach for dinner at the Sea Ketch …..yummy!

Adult beverage time!
Mozzarella sticks
Lobster Rangoon
Expresso martini and steam clams
Delicious fried clams
Haddock and lobster
Onion rings and seafood platter
My beautiful granddaughter Evelyn ❤️

Leaving Boston and on my way home 😁

Bye Boston

Opening Day

I’m so lucky to go to opening day with my boys and Nolan my grandson.

Waiting for T
Adam waiting
42 Jackie Robinson Day
Pre game waterhole 😁
New England Beer
Live music
I’m here!!!!
Opening ceremonies
Star Spangled Banner
Mo Vaughn
1st pitch by MO Vaughn’s son
Play ball⚾️

Absolutely a great day!!!

Arrived… baseball!!

Arrived at 5 am on Wednesday. Lucky my granddaughter Oriana picked me up and we went to breakfast. It was a wonderful 2 hour visit. Then onward to my son’s house, Seth. I went to Nolan’s 1st baseball game of the season.

Sebastián going back into school
My son Seth the coach
#11 my grandson Nolan

Chester Academy baseball team

After the game went out to dinner!

Grandson Esai
Me and Sebastián
Incredible Lobster rolls!! 👍

Tomorrow is the day!!!