Thanksgiving week… πŸ¦ƒ

? Harry Potter? On the way to Ruth Chris restaurant πŸ¦ƒ

We arrived early at Ruth Chris restaurant so we could have a drink and appetizers before Thanksgiving dinner.

Our usual… 7 and 7, Tanguay and tonic
Crab stuffed mushrooms
Spinach, artichoke, and feta dip with buttery garlic toast.
Turkey, stuffing, and Cranberry sauce
Garlic mashed potatoes and green beans for sides

We were so full that we took desserts home ….☺️ Pumpkin cheesecake and vanilla ice cream. We went the long way home along International Dr.

A fun Thanksgiving day!

Getting settled….

Sunday, I rested from all the walking we did the day before. Monday, I worked on my grocery list that will be delivered on Wednesday. Tuesday We finally got to the post office to change our address. I also got my flu shot today. Later I’ll go to play cards at the club house.

Finished, the peel and stick tiles

David cleaned and organized the shed. He found this decorative hanging piece. He moved it to the outside to make the shed look good.

Patio all setup
No more laundromat!!! Yeah!!!
Salamander or newt?? They are everywhere!

I tried out our 1st sit-down dinner on date night at Goombas. We thought everything was great. Check my Google review.

Beer on tap goes with wings and pizza
House dipping sauce to die for!!
Rolls with light garlic and parmesan
Awesome pizza with awesome crust

So much to around here. It’s hard to choose what to do first….😊

We’re here in Florida

The first day was interesting for Peanut’s left eye, wouldn’t open. So we were looking for a vet to see him. They have urgent care for animals here, too. So we didn’t have to go to an emergency vet. Phew! He had an ulceration on his cornea. Antibiotics and a gel were ordered as well as the cone of shame.

Poor Peanut

We spent the next few days just getting settled. Cleaning and arranging things to our liking. Well, 2 days later, a threatening hurricane was coming. Rain was moderate, but the wind was frightening to me. We brought our living room slide in, and I prayed to just be OK in the morning. We had trouble pulling in our big side awning, so we had to call a repair person. Come to find out the motor died! Grrrr. So now the decision is to fix or replace the awning. Hmmm.

We did alright even though I didn’t sleep well. It rained the next 2 days, getting lighter each day. David was getting a little cabin fever, so he put out the patio furniture! It looks great!

Thursday, we had to have Peanut rechecked, and the ulceration is getting better, although his eye sight seems worse. They recommend seeing a specialist????

Finally, by Saturday, we both needed a little fun time. There was an RV show in Daytona, but I didn’t think I would be able to last a few hours or go up and downstairs, especially since my surgery. So, we decided to stay closer and go to Disney Springs. That way, we could leave when we wanted to and be home quicker.

It was so much fun and, of course, beautifully decorated. I was excited to go!!

A restaurant burgers and drinks
1st time at an M & M store!

One of the most beautiful sights was all the Christmas trees πŸŽ„ Each tree was decorated after a Disney movie.

The princess and the frog
Star wars

We took a little break and had a drink at Wolfgang Pucks restaurant. We also had a delicious sausage pizza…yummy.

Our usual! 😊

We continued walking around for a while, had an ice cream, went home, and took a nap!

So pretty ❀️

A GREAT a day!

On the way to Florida….

November 1st and all cleared to head to Florida. We went to get gas, and it didn’t go well.

There is something about bridges I like..
Just traveling
Richmond, Virginia
Fish fajitas!
Evelyn’s kitten’s name….lol
Cotton fields so beautiful
Wild flowers in the median strip
Famous shopping plaza
Getting closer
Made it to Florida!!!😊
How we were greeted 🌈
So beautiful ❀️

Finally, at Rolling Ridge Rv Park Clermont, Florida, Got settled in an relaxed rest of the day 😊

Before we left πŸ˜Š

Now that I’m cleared to go, we wrapped up our visit with family…..

Bryce and Moranda from Nevada
My sister Joyce
Nephew Rylan

Before we leave I wanted Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family…..😊

My brother Brian and his wife Bev
Seth carving the prime rib….yummy
Desserts were incredibly delicious!!!

The next day, I went to a beef stew dinner. It was served in a bread bowl. Thank you, Leslie. Everything was delicious and beautifully decorated ! πŸ₯‚πŸΎ

Ally and Michael

I can’t thank everyone for making this summer, especially wonderful and for helping me out! Love you all ❀️

All clear to go…..

Well, it’s been 12 days since my surgery, and I just got the okay to drive and the okay to travel to Florida. A lot of wonderful times this summer but excited to start a new one! 😊 A ride up north to see the foliage… beautiful.

Mt. Washington boat on Lake Winnipesaukee
Lunch at Hart’s Turkey farm
Yummy!! πŸ¦ƒ
Red maple in front of my Mother’s house
My pretty granddaughter, Evelyn
Mom and my sister Diane
The three of us ❀️
Lunch at the Olive garden
Evelyn’s kitten Gaston
My beautiful granddaughter, Oriana
Happy birthday, Adam!

We left the next day to spend a few days with my mom before leaving for Florida.

More fun….

Sculpture around a Goffstown NH park

I went to a meat raffle this weekend. Nope, I didn’t win, but my daughter-in-law did haddock and stuff clam shells.

Sunday was girls’ day out! There were 4 of us, my daughter-in-law, and her mom, my granddaughter, and me. First,we went to lunch at the Firefly restaurant. Then, we were treated to a play, The Little Mermaid. Cute ❀️

Murals on the way to the theater.

A wonderful day!

Rving isn’t always fun. I will need to have surgery. This is scary and stressful. It has delayed our trip to Florida by 6 weeks. The cold weather here in New England is also concerning. Hopefully, it won’t go below 32 degrees.

Beautiful flowers from my awesome daughter in law
Beautiful foliage
Mountain rd Goffstown NH

I’m doing some updates on our little kitchen area.

One small area to finish

Catch up later… October 13th, no, it’s not a Friday 😊

Family fun…

Family night at Fenway park!Park!! Thank you Seth ❀️⚾️ Thank you, Adam, for driving into Boston! 😊

Thank you, Seth, for taking us to the Red Sox game!!⚾️ We had a great time!!! It was so special to have the whole family together ❀️

Round 2 at Seth’s house


Visit with Mom, lunch at Panera, squash soup….yummy!

Coffee and chit chatting
Outstanding calamari πŸ™
Homemade macaroni and cheese
SebastiΓ‘n loves pumpkin pie!!!
Esai, handsome, dude!
Dinner with Jim and Lynn
Pirate scarecrow
Beauty and the beast
Raising the flag
300th Chester Anniversary

Another fun and great week ❀️

Another good week!

Young jedi
Group of jedi

The annual Greek Glendi… opa!

Adam part of the crew
One of the cooks, Seth
Derek crew
High School dance

Seafood at Adam and Laura’s house 🦞 steamers, shrimp, and lobsters….yummy!

I love New England steamers!

Thanks for another wonderful week home! ❀️