Small Theokas clan

I finished the wall…yeah ❤️
Evelyn finished her rainbow
Pool ready for party ….
Dylan’s going away party 🥳
Off to college!

A wonderful silly lunch with Adam🍹🍹


Having a great time!!!

Week 7 summer continues….

The week started off relatively quiet, I puttered around the RV. Had pizza with the family for dinner. Monday we went to a funeral, the father of a good friend. Then I went to the gynecologist for testing.

I have been preoccupied with my health issues but so far everything is negative!! Yeah. So I took some time off writing my blog. But here are a few highlights!

Eating out at Tuckaway…yummy
Our selfie
Esai and Nolan at beach house
My princesses and me ❤️
Date night Mexican food!

Be back soon ❤️

Week 6 … large Theokas clan

Starting the week off having dinner with family and extended family. It was so great to see Dolly, Maya and her beautiful baby Sara.

Nothing like holding a flying baby…lol
Tending to the garden
Peanut in the tall grass 😊
Passing through the back yard with 2 babies 😊

Saturday we went to a family reunion. It was great to see everyone and I can’t thank Linda enough for hosting this wonderful event. Linda’s new house on the lake is absolutely beautiful!

Plenty of appetizers
Great day for swimming
Adults having fun
Mult generational
Floaties for adults

Great day Great week!!

Week 5 in New Hampshire

We stayed pretty quiet for the 4th of July. On Tuesday Seth and I went to the Red sox game. I sure love baseball!!!⚾️

Our usual bar photo
Love my Sox
Tampa rays
Sports commentator
Getting ready to play ball
Ball boy….
Nick Pivetta the pitcher
Christian Arroyo
Jarren Duran

My sister Diane from Maine came to visit. We went out for a drink and appetizers.

Bahama mama…yummy

Thursday my brother extended an invitation to dinner to our wonderful family. It was awesome to have my Mom and all my siblings there, we haven’t been together in a long time. Of course the food was excellent!!

Golfing Cousins
Birthday party next door

This weekend we did dog sitting for my older son’s dog Bleu. Another good week.

Week 3….4

Unfortunately real life does come into the picture of RV traveling. Father’s day was a down day for me, I had to prep for testing on Monday. Rough day. Tuesday I had my 1st physical therapy session for my dizziness. The manipulation was intense and made me sensitive so I was stiff and achy. Wednesday I slept most of the day. David went to Nolan’s all star game.

My week continued with being sick, bronchitis and something viral. I mainly rested, slept and took it easy. Put on more medication. A cold sore on my lip appeared I just am not getting a break. Ahhhhhh!!!

Tuesday we took my Mother to the beach for the day. It was a good time!! Also met my granddaughter at the beach too!

New swimsuit for summer a must!
On the way to the beach
High tide
Afternoon cocktails 🍷
Lunch at the Sea Ketch

It was a great time!!

Week 2 continues

Thursday June 16th Esai’s 8th grade Graduation. Phew! they are growing up to fast.

Oriana and her great grandmemere
Oriana, Sebastián and Nolan, my grandkids ❤️
Dana, Esai’s Mom handing out diplomas
Coming in procession
MC for graduation
Entire class (52)
Esai’s advisor

Dinner at Sabattino’s after graduation! Yummy 🍷

The week isn’t finished and either is the partying! Adam’s rib cookout🥳🥃

Jello shots!
Chicken wings!!

It started to rain so it was time for the older folks to head home. It was a great time. This was a fund raiser for the Goffstown town pantry and Glenn Lake Animal Hospital. Thank you Adam, Laura and Evelyn!❤️

Week 2…. Sunday 6/12

David has been working and I’ve been helping out my Mom. All kinds of animals going around the yard, birds, rabbits, fox and ground hogs! Oh my! … lol

Ms. Cardinal
Peter cotton tail
Yard work pulling weeds
Cutting back ferns

Tuesday was a chaotic morning due to my own fault. I’ve been having dizzy episodes and am going to start physical therapy. So I headed to the appointment for 11:30 am when I realized that my appointment was next Tuesday. SMH A very nice thing happened next my mother asked me to lunch. We finished the afternoon off visiting my niece and her 3 handsome boys!

Lunch with Mom
Easton 2 years old
Ryker 4 years old
My niece Amanda and the boys
My sister and the boys Memere
Complete joy❤️

Wednesday was date day ❤️ We started at the beach 🌞 then seafood lunch at Markeys. Mid afternoon we went to see Top Gun , I really liked it! We finished the day by having dinner with our son and his family.

Baywatch of Hampton Beach
Life guard watching….🤣



We finished up the day having dinner with my son Seth and his family….a great day ❤️Week 2 to continue next post….

1st week home….

Seeing family ang going to events.

Welcome home selfie
Next day happy hour
Morning coffee outside

Monday night baseball with my youngest grandson, Sebastián

Catcher …

Dylan’s High school graduation June 8th 2022

Delta Dental Stadium.. Manchester NH
Getting ready for graduation
Pre graduation
Graduate and Mom
Adam… waiting for the start
National Anthem

It was a incredible, they graduated 240 students in 1hour 15 minutes including all the speakers. Very well put together.

Congratulations Dylan!!!🥳🎉🎊

Kentucky to West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and New Hampshire…. HOME 🏡

We have been traveling now for about 6-7 days and doing 300 to 350 miles a day. I’m getting tired and I’m the rider, David must be really tired doing all the driving. The scenery is looking familiar, greener and more like home. Miscellaneous pictures along the way.

Even Bert, Cookie Monster and Elmo travel!!
Mom and me

Finally made it home ❤️

Sunday part 2 Churchill Downs 🏇

After going to Louisville Slugger David said he wanted to see one more place…. Churchill Downs! It definitely bigger than I imagined. We took a tour and got to see a race. WOW!!! What a great day 🏇⚾️

Bourbon everywhere 🥃
Around the buildings Horse
Horse gate
In front of the museum
One of the jockeys
Jockies on the way to the track
A race

Tomorrow we will be continuing our way to New Hampshire.