Oklahoma here we come

Right as we are leaving we see the going price for gas β›½ 😁

$1.64 WOW !!

Pictures of miscellaneous scenery 😁

Cattle country
Farms were haying
Walkway over the highway… 6-8 lanes
Dried up river πŸ˜ͺ
Cattle truck and yes a cowboy was driving!
Crazy dog, I have never seen him sleep like this before???
Garth Brooks hometown, Yukon, OK
Farms 🚜
Wind turbines still fascinate me
A barn, I like old farm buildings

Stopped in Foss, ok for the night. Its off to Santa Rosa, New Mexico tomorrow. We are making good time. We’re both excited to get there!

On to Missouri!

Up early again and headed to Missouri for our overnight stop βœ‹ Pictures are along the way πŸ–Ό

Lucas Oil home of the Indianapolis Colts
Grain or corn 🌽 silos
Mississippi River
Colors are beautiful
Two tone tree 🌳
Farm country
Rolls of hay
A huge Cross ✝️
St. Louis Arch

We stopped at a no frills RV self park. Actually it is really nice. Beautiful spaces, dog park and very well lit. Tomorrow we are on our way to another campground in Joplin, MO.

I’ve just added a few more pictures from crossing Missouri.

A drink anyone?
Hmm off to Cuba?
I have no explanation πŸ˜•
LOL πŸ˜†

Oklahoma in the morning πŸŒ„

Ohio! Indiana!

We started driving πŸš— continued through New York, Pennsylvania and onward to Ohio.

Haying fields
Pennsylvania hello πŸ‘‹
Wine 🍷 vineyard
The plane was in the middle of a cemetery???

Tomorrow we will be heading for Indiana. Friday October 9th.

I find different buildings or structures interesting πŸ€” and in some way beautiful.

Farming 🚜
Barns and silos
Bye πŸ‘‹

And now Indiana, the farms are just awesome.

Solar farms

We left early this morning and we thought we would get to Indiana by 2pm. Instead we sat on rte 70 intermittently due to construction 🚧 delays. We did finally arrived around 3:45 pm

Cheese, crackers and ahhhh cocktails 🍸 πŸ˜‹

Onward to Missouri tomorrow!

Leaving for Arizona!!!

Before I leave I made a requested pastitsio, which is a macaroni, hamburger and bechamel sauce. It came out really delicious if I say so…. 😁

Pastitsio…. yummy πŸ˜‹

Today October 6th we cleaned and are getting the RV ready to roll tomorrow morning πŸŒ„. We are excited to get on the road. Peanut has finally been diagnosed with a couple of things going on 1st he is having hip pain for which the vet is going to start him on some pain medication πŸ’Š. Then the 2nd problem is his kidneys and the vet will start him on a renal diet. We are hoping that this will help him out.

Today I made Tiropitas and they were a big hit at supper time.

Ready to cook Tiropitas

Today October 7th we finally left for Arizona!! 1st stop Farmington New York.

Renovated train station
I love bridges
Erie canal
Getting dark severe thunderstorms warnings ⚠️

We had to pull off for about an hour, the rain was coming down so hard and the winds were about 50 – 60 mph. The clouds were beautiful after the storm.

Sun is starting to set

Tomorrow morning we head toward Thompson OH. We’re trying to due 250 – 300 miles a day. Bloody cold here in the east. 🀣

Patiently waiting 😌 part 2

It was a great day and I still want to share photos with you.

View from the bridge
Brook view from a knot hole in the bridge

Friday night we went to Seth’s house, he even went to Chinatown in Boston for dinner. On the way there I took some pictures of the scarecrows around town.

A little jogging
Kid riding a bike
Watering the flowers πŸ’
Predicting the future
Speed trap!
Little red riding hood and big bad wolf 🐺
Need an adjustment?
Here’s Johnny!

There were many more but it was getting dark and we arrived at Seth’s house.

Sunday we had a good bye dinner with David brother ❀ The time to leave is getting closer.

Patiently waiting 😌

Wednesday September 30th I cleaned the whole house. Walls,cabinets,window sills and light on the ceiling. Phew….. so later that night we went to Don Ramon Mexican restaurant. Yummmy!!! Margaritas!!!

Moon on the way to the restaurant
Excellent Margaritas 🍹
Seafood fajitas!
Moon on the way home… so full

This morning there was a knock at our door. David opened the door and there was our granddaughter. She had a surprise to show us. She lost her 1st tooth while eating waffles this morning. We were excited for her!!

Lost her 1st tooth 🦷

Well we got a brochure on NH Covered Bridges and Waterfalls. So David took Thursday off and we went exploring. We packed a lunch, put on our hiking boots and off we gooooo!!

Beauty of the bridge
View from the bridge

Scenery along the way to the next bridge

Flaming red
A country church
Love the architecture of these old bridges
Back roads through New Hampshire
Lions,tigers and Bears!! Oh my!
Jack o’ Lantern bridge
Flowers around the bridge
The beauty in simplicity

Today we took our 1st hike together, it was wonderful. We managed to due a mile. Good start for a beginner!

Rainbow 🌈 falls trail 1.2 miles
Brook on the trail
Beautiful canopy
Moss on a fallen tree
Low water πŸ’§ level
Hubby with his new hiking boots!

I’m going to due this blog in 2 sections for its really getting long.

What next???

Wednesday we had a great afternoon playing golf with Seth. Then we did 2-3 errands and ended at Ollies for dinner.

French onion soup and garlic bread, yummmy
Seafood casserole

Friday night we went to a little outside Cafe called the Moody Pond marketplace in Weare, NH. We met up with Adam,Laura and Evelyn. Quaint little place, limit menu, byob and music. They are only open 5 to 8 on Fridays.

Started with nachos
Did a shot!
🎢 music 🎢
Dandelions pained on the wall

Family time is wonderful and I will miss it so much 😒. I will really miss Laura’s and my happy hour!! 🍸🍷🍹🍾πŸ₯‚… lol.

Cranberry mango martinis

Our son was having a great time with skeleton hands that are really salad tongs.

Ok let’s give him a hand

I love Ben and Jerry’s Chunky monkey!! Ah ha I found a “liquor ” chunky monkey….yummy πŸ˜‹!!

Still waiting to straighten 😩 out Peanut and October 15th is getting closer. Saw my siblings yesterday, Diane and Brian. Great visit!! ❀

Me Diane and Mom

Lincoln NH date

This morning we got the news that Peanuts ultrasound was normal. I don’t know what is next, I imagine the vet will figure out a plan next. It is a little frustrating that $2000 in to it and no answers. Good thing I love the little guy πŸ•

David did the laundry early and then we went for a ride to Lincoln. The foliage was really beautiful.

I love the back roads.
Colors were starting
Top of the Capital building in Concord NH
Rte 93
Headed towards Lincoln NH
NH mountains β›°

When we got into Lincoln, we 1st got some gas β›½ then looked for a place to eat lunch. We found a quaint little Mediterranean Cafe for lunch, The Gypsy Cafe. Absolutely yummy πŸ˜‹! We had drinks, a Key lime pie martini which was good and David had a Mai Tai which was good and strong. Them there was the Mezzi plate with feta,hummus, baba ganoush, taziki, olives and fresh warm pita bread.

The Mezzi plate

Next David had lamb πŸ‘ meatballs and eggs in a spicy tomato sauce. I had falafel which was delish! It also came with a Mediterranean salad.

Lamb and eggs

After lunch we went to the “Life is good” store. I was looking for a camping or RV tee shirt but no luck. So now we geaded to Loon mountain to ride the gondola to really see the colors of the trees 🌳.

Base of the mountain
Enough wood???
Tickets and heading up
My wonderful romantic date ❀
House dotting the base of the mountains
View from the gondola
Top of Loon Mountain
Ski trails
Loon Lake
Bright Yellow
Incredible Red
River beds low

Another GREAT date day! I really had a wonderful day! Thank you David for the surprise date ❀

Jello baby, jello!!

Well we were ready to leave on the Tuesday after Labor day but…. I had a little Peanut that was just not feeling a 100 per cent. We are continuing to go through testing. Tuesday the 22th he is having an ultrasound. Hopefully we will have answers soon. Peanut still needs to have his shots.. ahhhhhh.

My fur baby

Saturday we deemed date night. It was nice we just went to a local restaurant, Ollies. It was close, the food is good and it is reasonably priced. Matter of fact they have nachos to die for, the salad with steak tips was awesome. The salad was huge and plenty of steak and feta. David had grilled swordfish and rice pilaf, he said it was delicious πŸ˜‹

Today I finished another project. I painted Adam’s back door on the house 🏠.

Spent the day with my Mom πŸ‘©. We had a busy day. Barnes and Nobles, picked up some books πŸ“š for Ryker’s birthday. Then picked up lunch from Panera. Bev came and visited at 1ish. Next was cemetery visiting and on to Amanda’s so Mom could see the grand kids and give Ryker his books. We said goodbye for I will be leaving for Arizona soon.


My granddaughter tried jujitsu and she loved it!πŸ₯‹

Sweet but strong

Well I’m continuing painting on the wall. Today I painted a sun 🌞.

Here comes the sun 🌞

We continue to wait for Peanuts results. We are getting excited about starting a new adventure πŸ˜„.

Getting ready to leave.. πŸ˜ͺ

Saying goodbye is always been so hard for me. I cry like a baby πŸ‘Ά! I will miss my family but I start a new adventure. It has been a great summer in spite of Covid 19. I’ve seen my Mom, my 2 sons, their wives and all 6 of my wonderful grandchildren. I have been fortunate to have seen all my siblings, my aunts and their families.

I will miss the smile on Evelyn’s face when she picks her carrots πŸ₯• 😒 She brings me joy!

Sweet little face
Lots of carrots πŸ₯•

Got some more work done on the wall. Hoping to maybe finish the wall before we leave.

Finished the cherry πŸ’ blossom tree
Poppies πŸ₯°
Half the wall is done

Evelyn wanted shrimp so her Mom bought her some and they were getting the tank ready.

Shrimp tank

Monday we went to do laundry and after my husband took me to Sawyers for breakfast! Yummmy!

Nibbled on western omelet
Homemade roast beef hash

Peanuts update everything is coming back normal. He is peeing and drink a little less. Next Tuesday he goes for an ultrasound. I sure hope we get some answers. Ahhhhhh