Last tour day…

Another busy day 1st on our way to the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs, SD.

Rolls of hay for the livestock
Herd of cattle
Excavation hole
Watching a volunteer digging and cleaning the site looking for more skeleton remains
A large bone
Flat nose bear
Flat nose bear skeleton
Bones from numerous animals
More volunteers
A Wooley Mammoth skeleton
A full skull
Cleaning smaller fossils

Next is lunch at Woolly’s restaurant.

Dana, one of the sweetest persons I have met ❀
A great salad for lunch!

Onward to Bear Country 🐻

Land destroyed by fire and bugs
Someone is tired after lunch….❀
Coming up on Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse silhouette
Helicopter taking off
Art sculpture
Bear carving
Smokey the bear

We have arrive… stay part 2 coming up….

Part 2 Wall Drug

On the way to Wall Drug
Inside the store
Outside courtyard
Kathy our tail gunner
Pictures and pictures
More pictures on the history of the area
Outside stores
All part of Wall Drug

Next we are on our way to the Air and Space museum.

All the planes outside in front of the museum.
Inside pictures of different uniforms
Large propeller

Finishing the evening with s’mores and social gathering.

Card tricks πŸƒβ™£οΈ
Yummy s’mores

Another full day filled with awe from the Badlands. Fun visiting Wall Drug, could have spent another couple of hours there and not seen everything. Tomorrow is our last day on tour πŸ˜ͺ

Badlands here we come….

Today off to the Badlands.

A truck filled with playground spring toys
Rest area teepee structure
The start of the badlands

We stopped at the visitors center and went to their mini exhibition.

Pre historical animals and fossils
It amazes me that even in the driest land, flowers bloom
Purple flowers
Prairie dog
Yellow mounds called paleosol.
Ancient fossilized soils
Mustard color from a mineral called Goethite

Badlands National Park tour, 244,000 acres of land. On to Wall Drug for lunch then the South Dakota Air and Space museum. Finally s’mores at the tail gunners RV. Follow part 2 of our day!

Down day … relax!

Monday was a down day and I say it was great to sleep in…yeah! We just chilled for the day and cleaned up around the RV.

Tonight at 7 pm the Wagonmasters had a birthday/anniversary party. It was fun to socialize with some new people.

Yummy πŸŽ‰πŸ°
This wonderful lady on the left, made these beautiful hot plates and gave each of us one. Thank you so very much Pat Crosby! ❀

We had a good day relaxing and a good evening socializing with new friends.

Gold factory tour, Chapel in the hills

For following me!! πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰β€

Today we started with a gold mining movie telling us about Black hill gold and how jewelry is made out of it. Then we could shop for what else jewelry! My wonderful husband bought me a white and gold ring that also had 2 small diamonds.

Country side
Learned about Black Hills gold
My new gift from Hubby
Herd of cows

Statutes of the Presidents in Sturgis.

FDR Statute
JFK with John John Statute
The Stavkirke Chapel
Chapel bookstore
The Chapel
Intricate carving
There are 12 of these facial carvings
Chapel narrator
Ornate entryway
Dragons on the Chapel roof
Crosses are also on the roof
Viking influence
We ate lunch here in Deadwood …yummy!
Carving of the couple that started the Sturgis bike rally
We arrived at the show in Fort Hays
Room that was used in the movie “Dances with Wolves”
Outside of office
Decorated Bison
Fantasy tour members
Band leader
Imitating Willie Nelson
Finale ❀

Another wonderful day on tour! David and I had a great time especially at the dinner show. Tomorrow is a free or down day.

Part 2 Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park

Teepee camping
Sylvan lake
Layered mountains
Granite walls
Stopping for lunch
Beautiful glass partition
Big horn sheep
Lodge in middle of Custer State Park
Blue Bell Stables
Rusted cliff
Wild/ tame donkeys

We stopped at the Custer State Park visitor center. Watched a 30 minute movie on the Custer State Park. It was very interesting. This wrapped up our day and we headed back to the RV park. It will be a quiet evening.

Crazy Horse

Today we started at Crazy Horse Memorial.

Big horn sheep
On the way to Crazy Horse
Granite mountains
Buffalo statues in Custer
Getting closer
Crazy Horse
Gift shop
Clothing of the tribes
Ceremonial dress for horses
Buffalo like in Custer
Clay model 1/34 th size of sculpture
Jerry, our narrator on the tour
At the base of the sculpture

Part 2 to follow Sylvan Lake and Custer State Park

Mount Rushmore πŸ—»

Looking out my side window this morning after the rain stopped.


At 2:30pm we had an orientation meeting. Cookies and lemonade were served. A few changes were made to the itinerary. A

Tail gunner
Country side
Bus riding
Abandon mine
Interesting billboard
Ruby’s House Restaurant
Hubby and me❀
Tonight’s entertainment in the bar
Downtown Keystone
On the way
Entrance way
The Sculpture
Flags of every state
New Hampshire Flag
Historical information
Our Flag
Lighting of Mount Rushmore
All the people that served in the military THANK YOU!

They played Patriotic music and had a folding of the flag ceremony. It was very impressive. I felt overwhelmed with emotion and proud for our Country ❀

Travel day to Hermosa SD

David went grocery shopping this am while I got the rig ready to go. We finally left around 12 noon. I want to thank Kevin and Marie for having us visit fish ‘n fry. We had a wonderful time visiting them and the area around town. We are on our way to Heartland rv park in Hermosa for our Fantasy tour of the Black Hills and Badlands.

Couldn’t resist this picture 🀣
Easy Glider
Beautiful lake
The lake was huge!
Unique bridge
OMG Are we going to make it through?
High rock walls
Cattle everywhere
Such green scenery
S highways
Dairy farm
We arrived
Introduction social gathering
Part of the group of 49
From New York
Kathy in blue, the tail gunner

Word has it that the rain is on its way. So we broke up a little early. David brought the chairs home and I went next door and ordered a thin crust pizza with everything on it. I couldn’t believe it but it was only $12! It was pouring when I came out and there was my sweet husband with a ride back to the Rig! Also there was a wine tasting going on but we opt out since we hadn’t eaten all day.

Tomorrow there is coffee and pastries from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Then we meet again at 2:30 pm social gathering and orientation. 4:45 pm bus to Keystone for dinner then Mount Rushmore.

Mt. Moriah Cemetery

Wild Bill Hickok
Things people have left on Hickok grave
Calamity Jane
Things left on her grave
Dora DuFran, start the Brothel in Deadwood
Plots for the poor or unknown
Overview of Deadwood
Chinese Ceremonial Burner
J.S. McClintock entrepreneur in early Deadwood

David spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry. I started to get the rig ready to leave tomorrow. Lastly it was leftovers for dinner. Tomorrow David will pick up a few groceries we need and I’ll finish getting the RV ready. It of to Hermosa SD for the Badlands tour.