Fisher Cats Christmas in July!

7/26 Definitely a fun night to work. Decorations, Christmas music and Mr. and Mrs. Santa claus walking around. Not just one pair but about 6 pairs. They gave out stickers, and snowglobes…..incredible!!

Ballpark decorations

Look at all the Santas and Mrs. Claus’s!

Ho ho ho !!

Even the players were dressed in Red.

The Fighting Phils’
Our Fisher Cats!!

Even the staff got into the spirit.

?? Winner ugly sweater??….lol
Ho ho ho down the chimney.
Zick the Fisher Cats MC!!

We had some vendor friends come to the game too!

Salem animal rescue League!
Staff visiting.
Looking good!

There were pre game events. The dogs doing tricks with frisbees and a group of gymnasts doing tumbling. All a crowd pleaser.

They are really fast!!

The night ended with a man being shot out of a cannon.

Entering the cannon

Thank you Fisher Cats for another great time at the ballpark!!

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