Wrapping up the summer

8/23 We headed to Hampton beach to spend the day with David’s sister and niece’s family. We had a wonderful day.

Traditional sand castles!!

Sunday the Fisher cats game was a day game so we went to the Thousand Crane for dinner. It has both Chinese and Japanese food. Yummmy!!

My 1st scorpion bowl!

Sharing is the fun!

8/26 Our 35th Wedding Anniversary and we were so lucky to be able to spend it with family.. 💕

Yummmy Mai Tai!!

Chef preparing our dinner….

Happy 35th Anniversary!!

The whole family minus Ori ..

Wrapping up work on 8/29th great summer working for the Fisher Cats!!

Lions night at the ballpark

Brush your teeth!

8/28 Raining all night game cancelled!

8/ 29th last game. 8/30 Packing up day and wash the RV day. 8/31 Last visit with Mom before leaving.

Thank you to my 2 sons and their families for everything they did for us. We love you all!!!

September 1st a new adventure begins!!!

Send off from the Fisher Cats last game!

Celebratory drink!!!

Last dinner with family. Heading out tomorrow. Visit with Mom then off to RRichmond on September 1st. It has been a wonderful summer and I will miss everyone, but a new adventure awaits me!!

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