Sunday, Monday ZION!

Evelyn ready for some soccer!

Had a great day watching Phil Mickelson win the PGA. After we went to home depot for a propane table grill. We also bought a collapsible step and a pan to grill vegetables. We spent the rest of the evening watching NCIS LA and NCIS NEW ORLEANS. We had a treat while watching….. ice cream, yummy!!!

Got up about 8 am. had coffee and breakfast. Made sandwiches and packed our backpack with snacks. Got the water camelback full of water. Poles check, hats and sun screen, ready! On our way to Zion National Park. I’m excited!

Angus beef
Takes your breath away
Incredible formations
Blossoms along the trails
Hi ho….
Formations and cliffs are so high
Day total of 4.5 miles
I feel so small
Statute out side of visitors center
End of day
On the way back to car
On the way home

The park was awesome!!! The formations were so high! The park is incredible!! Another place off my bucket List! Yahoooo!

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