Alaska here we come… Sunday and Monday ❤️

Yes we were still packing at 9:30 pm on May 7th. We slept in the rig, in the long term parking lot. There were other RVs and 18 wheelers there too. Three am came quick and so our adventure started. After we boarded the plane and was ready to leave I saw a police officer coming toward the plane…… oh no something is up? A air valve was off and there was a 45 minute delay. Now I’m concerned, will we make our bus transfer in time. Well the desk wasn’t marked and it took us 15 minutes to find our check in contact. Then we had to go through another line to check in on what bus we would take. There was only one person at this point.

We still needed to go through Canada’s customs and security. By now it is 3 pm and we were suppose to be on board the ship by 2:20 pm. Finally we made it. First stop was for a drink. While having a great drink an announcement was made that we would be underway as soon as everyone’s luggage got aboard. It was a 45 minute delay till we left. It was now almost 5 pm and thankfully we also found something to eat. Finally we met up with Jim and Lynn.

We all went to dinner, and did alot of catching up. It was a relatively early evening. Showered and in bed by 9 pm. Ahhhhhh….

I love flying in the clouds, it makes me feel close to my memere.
On the bus from Seattle to Vancouver
Stadium of the Mariners baseball tea

Monday we started by having breakfast in our stateroom. Did a little of unpacking and the went to the jewelry store. Had a welcome mimosa, received a raffle ticket and entered a 2nd drawing. Did a lot of window shopping. I was then given a eagle necklace and won a second one by answering a trivia question. Well it was time for the 2nd raffle drawing. OMG!!! I won I couldn’t believe it!!!

Pictures around the ship.

Bar stools
Customer waiting area
Beautiful floral arrangements
After 3 pm tea Lynn and I went to a floral demonstration

We all went to dinner together….yummy

Filet mignon
Finished the evening in the B.B. King Lounge

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