April – St. Bernard State Park

4/1 Happy April Fools Day!!! This month is starting off with an educational trip to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park. It was extremely interesting to learn about how the land was acquired and who was fighting who! The ranger was very animated so it made the story fun and easy to listen.

Plaques all around the battlefield telling the story of the battlefield.
Commemorative monument


Southern home on the property… beautiful

David bought me a National Park Passport.

4/5 It’s official I now have my own website….. RVingwithLinda.com I am really excited!!!

4/6 The last parade for the season and for us too! On the 16th I will be flying north to New Hampshire to babysit my grandkids! I can’t wait to see everyone!

They paint all the electrical boxes.
Hmmm.. Is Yoda Irish or Italian??

This is all the food that David and I caught!! 7 cabbages lbs of onions, carrots, potatoes and fruit. Oh yes odd little things too!! We are taking some and giving the rest to some our new friends here at St. Bernard state park.

Can you smell pot roast?
Boiled dinner?

4/5 I have had a blog since the beginning of this adventure started in June of 2018. I decided to get my own website. So on Friday I officially got my website: RVingwithLinda.com I am so excited and was not aware what it entails. But like this whole journey I took a leap of faith.

4/9 I intergrated 4-5 different social media sites. I am now trying to get my head wrapped around wordpress .com or .org self hosting. Phew! BTW it took me 6 hours to set up my sites. SMH!!

4/11 Well the best plans of mice and men…grrr. We made plans to go to the French Quarters festival that started at 11am. We did leave until 11:45am so as it goes we circled the French quarters for an hour an a half. I am now growling and pulling out my hair. My husband and found a public parking place finally. There was this restaurant The Barcardi on the corner so we went for a drink, I had a bloody Mary delicious! David had some sort of tropical drink. The pork nachos were just ok so after we left. We then walked up and down Toulouse st. there are alot of restaurants and bars but they only open at 4pm. And it was about 2:30 PM.

We headed to find some “real” food. We ended up at Seithers ..yummmy! Final called it a day!!

Crawfish, crab, shrimp, catfish and oysters!
Crawfish towers!

4/12 OMG Today going into the festival an hour earlier made such a big difference !!

Live stature
Inside Jackson park music and food

Bloody Mary a good start!!
One of the statues around the park
Alligator kabobs and shrimp on corn bread .. yummmy!

Jazz and Blues
New York has a cowboy , New Orleans has a cowboy too… lol
Afternoon fun!
More fun
What looks like Disney ??
Monty’s on th corner hmmm breakfast or lunch?
Handsome hubby with a new hat!!

It was a great day!! Definitely worth it!!!

Oh, yes a stop at the Jack Daniel’s exhibit with a bar!!


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4/15 Well this is it my last day here at St. Bernard state park. The other campground host offered to show us around. It was really a wonderful day!! We started going to the warehouse where they sell all the Mardi Gras items for the parade. Beads, stuff toys, footballs etc. It was huge they also had items you could dress up with masks, wigs and different costumes. Then we went to Katie’s for lunch. We headed to the distillery on the way we stopped at the Kwere of Thoth Den where they store the floats till next year. They also have next year’s plans and start white washing the floats to be repainted. It was really cool!!

White washing the float.
Floats being stored
One of the artists that works on the floats!

4/16 Flew to New Hampshire got in very late , stayed up till 1:30 talking. Zzzz Went out for breakfast at Chiggys with Evelyn and Adam. Adam lent me 1 of his cars and I went to my mom’s house for the day. Then on Thursday Evelyn joined us going shopping to see my youngest sister, Carol. Well of course she works at dressbarn so that means new clothes. Next Evelyn and I went and bought her a new bike. Great times visiting family.

My handsome son Adam
Cutest little bunny my granddaughter Evelyn!!
Happiness is a Birthday bike ❤
99 for cocktails! My Mom Lorraine and her sister Jane!!
Morning Coffee on the porch
New punky haircut!

4/20 Evelyn’s Birthday party 🦄🎂❤

Pizza and salads. Oh yes adult beverages!
Mommy and Uncle Seth (Godfather)
Grammy and Aunt Dana
Evelyn’s Daddy!
Happy Birthday Evelyn!!
Celebrating Dylan’s birthday day!

4/21 Easter !!

Easter bunny came and Easter egg hunt!
Easter egg hunt at the family party!! So much fun!!

4/22 Is Evelyn’s real date of birth, so we played games and a edible arrangement came! We were suppose to go to the Red Sox game but it got rained out.

Playing Perfection
Silly selfies are always fun!
Edible Arrangement! Yummmy

4/23 The rest of the week included visiting, soccer, breakfast and everything in between!

Riding a new bike!!
Coloring eggs!
Grandson soccer practice!
Mom, 2 grandchildren. All girls breafast!
Cooking for me!
My sleeping arrangements oh for love!
Getting ready for parents to come home.
Playing Barbies💕
Finishing up my visit with Mom and a drink!!

4/28 It was Greek Easter and my sons cooked the main dish….LAMB! I stopped by and was invited in. It was wonderful to see everyone! The was just great ! What can I say😊

Cooking lamb my son Seth .
Cooked and ready to eat!
Ready for my other son, Adam with beard to carve, professional meat cutter!

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