Lake Havasu City!!! yeah!

The last leg of our trip! We really need some down time. Nine days going 3000 miles ……😫 We are happy and excited to be here. It is so great to see all our friends ❤ The weather is absolutely wonderful, in the 90s. Warm and dry, I really like it here!

We made a quick stop at this store, to check our jacks. The jack indicator kept beeping. We put the jacks down and up again and that seemed to solve the problem.

Fun 😁

As usual I like to take pictures 📷 of our travels. The hazy you see in pictures is the residual smoke from the California fires.

Beautiful landscape and colors
Going more into the mountains
A range of mountains ⛰
Small hills
Some homes at the base of the mountain
Shape formations are so interesting and fascinating

We arrived and got to see friends. We got settled and went out for a drink! We celebrated that we made it here safely! Yeah!! We went to the El Paraiso Mexican restaurant, delicious 😋

Thank you for getting us here !
Coconut 🥥 shrimp
A little of everything

After dinner we visited some friends! It was so great 👍 Glad to be here!!

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