Counting down 2 weeks…

Informal date evening, we started to go out to eat and it ended up bar hopping. We started at Legends bar then we wanted bbq from Oso smokehouse and sadly at 6 pm they were practically sold out. So we discussed ” what now” for supper? After eliminating the usuals we settled on salads from The Red Baron restaurant.  Yummy!! An antipasto salad and a Cranberry- walnut spinach salad. We got large and it was enough for 2 suppers. Phew BIG!!

Legend’s half order of nachos with chicken Delicious!!
Beef sliders with fries
Tanqueray an tonic

Waiting for our food at Red Baron

Seven and seven

I sure love retirement!! 🎉🥂⚾️

We definitely are having a fun week! 2 date days in a week, WOW!!! David has been really working hard. #1 The Blue Chair down by the London Bridge.

Banana rum monkey drink
Tropical punch
Stuffed jalapeños, delicious!
View from restaurant
Outdoor entertainment
Dixie Belle paddle boat

Next #2 we went over to Martini Bay, happy hour!

Firecracker shrimp!!
Shrimp with BBQ sauce
On the way back to the car….

#3 Final stop Angelina’s restaurant.  Dinner…yummy!

Chanti and Merlot
Bread and oil

We also had an olive spread with bread to start. Then an entrée and salad. We took dessert home for later.

Ciopinno with clams, mussels, shrimp and scallops 

This week we are starting to get ready to leave on May 1st. I was lucky that my bedroom coverlet and pillows arrived. Beautiful I really like them!

Always ready for the beach!
A matching rug..  awesome ❤

It’s been a great week, alot of fun! 🎉 We did take a down day on Thursday. Friday David went to work and I’ll be doing some cleaning getting ready to leave.

I did buy some items for hiking. Some walking poles and a hydration backpack. I’m excited to go to some of the National Parks.

Walking poles and hydration backpack

We have a head start on vacation!! It’s been an absolutely great, fun week!! We finished the week with a turkey dinner at Blondzee’s restaurant.


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