Day 4 Mlb All Stars

7/9 Excitement building!! As usual we got up somewhere around 10ish, got dressed and headed out for breakfast. We found the Gray Dog restaurant. Went back to the hotel chilled for awhile. Then around 4PM we got Red Sox suited up and off to town we went.

Driving into the city
Progressive field

We were cutting down one of the side streets and here come the Clydesdales!!

Even Chip the dalmatian was with them
Clown making balloons for the kids
Cleveland’s mounted police
Pre game drinks and chicken wings!! Yes the Clevelander again….lol
Bartender’s tattoo

Heading to the ballpark and everyone is in a great mood!!

Outside of ballpark
Frank Robinson
Larry Doby
Walking into the park
What can I say a selfie!!
Soft Rock and Roll pregame
Video of all the players
Introduction of the National team
Introduction of the American team
Xanders Bogaerts
Mookie Betts
J.D. Martinez
Sing the Canadian Anthem
Sing the National Anthem
Fly By
Fun at the park
Game time
Hey batter, batter!

After the game we final got to the Tic Tock Tavern…lower end bar. I just drank water (hit my liquor overload).

Crab stuffed mushrooms and stuffed grape leaves

Got to the hotel about 1:45 am, packed my suitcase and finally…..zzzzzzz!

7/10 Returned home…I need some rest from my Baseball vacation!!

Beautiful black eye Susans on the way home.
Late dinner and an early bedtime…lol

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