Oklahoma City tourist

9/28 One of the things I wanted to do while being in Oklahoma was to visit the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum.

Coming into Oklahoma city
St. Joseph church across the street from the Memorial
Weeping St. Joseph statue
Everyone started work as usual
The time when there was utter chaos
This beautiful waterway is in between the 2 time walls.
A seat for each life that was lost.
Very moving… names are on each chair
Building next to the federal building bomb blew out all the windows.
This tree survived the bombing and is a symbol of life and resilience.
Children sent painted tiles to Oklahoma and they made them part of the memorial.
Apartments that was across the street.
Kids are encouraged to draw on these chalk tiles in the courtyard.
Picture of Federal building after the bombing.
Axle from car out in the parking lot
The museum was right next to the federal building, this was a bathroom and the museum left it as it was.

We were so moved at the museum. We talked about it and the affect it had on everyone. We went downtown to the Bricktown section.

I found the top of the building interesting!
Artists paint the walls around the city! They are beautiful!
Entering] Bricktown

Bricktown is a section of the city where there are restaurants, bars, museums and little shops. Upon arriving we went for a drink and appetizer.

Yummmy Margaritas!!
Statue of Mickey Mantle in front of the city’s new AAA baseball stadium.
Odd piece???

We walked around a little and then decided to take a tour boat down a man made canal. The guide was very informative about how the Mayor helped build the stadium which in turn drew more businesses to Bricktown.

Waiting for the tour to start, ducks taking their bath…. lol
Peacock painted for the city.
Tiled walls along the canal
Represention of Native Americans
Sonic headquarters, over 4,000 restaurants
Male member of the Choctaw tribe
Bronze statues designed and made by Paul Moore depicts the Oklahoma land rush.
44 statues, 1 more and then it will be completed
Huge exhibit!! Very impressive!!
Racing to get free property

After the tour we walked some more walking and checked out a few of the businesses. We decided to head home. On the way we passed the Air Force base so I got some shots of their displayed planes.

U.S. Air Force

As we are traveling the cloud were just so beautiful….

On the road back to the RV

Tomorrow we are off to Amarillo Texas……

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